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Should we drink alcohol as Christians?
A WEE PEEK – “…It’s a truth, that almost 95% of the world’s population today believe in some higher power, religion or belief system, and when we look back through the ages, it was no different then. Mankind just seems to have this desire within, to put their own affections upon something […]

What about UFOs and Aliens? – Christian Questions Answered

Should we drink alcohol as Christians?
What does God Look Like? QUESTIONS ANSWERED SERIES This is a really good question and one which most Christians have considered at some point. To be perfectly frank, it’s something we’ll need to wait for until our day in glory to see. However, there are some facts which the scriptures show, […]

What does God Look Like? – Christian Questions Answered

LATEST NEWS – This is the final article in our end times series for 2019 as we share the remaining in our revival ride series of videos and articles. However, the end times will be back at the start of 2020! The Second Coming of Christ END TIMES SERIES (Matthew […]

The Second Coming of Christ – End Times

The Battle of Armageddon END TIMES SERIES (Rev 16:15) “…and he (the satanic) gathered them (the armies of the earth) into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon (Har Megiddon – The Hill of Megiddo)…” This word is probably one of the most well-known words both within the Christian […]

What is the Battle of Armageddon in the Bible? – ...