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The Tribulation Soldier


LAST UPDATED: March 2024

Our eBooks are suitable for a wide range of devices including Home PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android and many more. If you’d prefer, our EBooks can be found on our Amazon, NOOK and KOBO shop pages.

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2. Checkout –  Fill in your details, ensuring your email address is correct, click on ‘Terms’ to read our very brief Terms and Conditions and then click on ‘Proceed to Paypal.’

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If you make a mistake during the purchase process don’t worry, you can view our 24/7 Technical Page or just send us an email and we’ll email the package to you.

Technical Infomation

The confirmation of purchase and mailing of the eBook package will take a short time to arrive in a reader’s inbox depending on how busy we are. But don’t worry, it will be on its way.

When the email arrives in an email inbox, the typical download time for the eBooks is approximately 5 seconds. Times may vary depending on the end-user hardware/software.

The PDF EBook and MP3 Audio formats were chosen, due to them still being the most common and widely used, capable of operating on a variety of devices. However, if you have a Kindle, Nook or Kobo Reader, please visit our shop pages on these outlets if you prefer.

PDF is a standard format and can be accessed by many PDF readers including Adobe, MS/Word, etc. so it can be read on a Home PC, Laptop or Mobile Device. We recommend Adobe as our reader of choice.

PDF can be read on Smaller Screen Mobile Devices which have a PDF reader however, a user may want to convert our PDF EBooks to an EPUB format. EPUB is a standard format for smaller screens and although PDF can still be read, EPUB centres and aligns the documents to make them more easily read.

Please be aware, we cannot be held responsible for end-user hardware or software.

Payment and Refunds Information

Payment Information

Our website uses Paypal as its form of International Online Payment used by over 286 million people worldwide to pay by Debit or Credit Card online. This is to provide as secure a transaction as possible, however, please be aware, no transaction via the internet can be 100% secure.

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Refund Information

Please be aware, as with Online Distance Selling Regulations, a consumer loses their right to the 14 Day Cancellation due to a product either being a downloadable or streamable Item.

Contact Information

If our information pages haven’t answered your question, please feel free to contact us on our website Q&A forum designed as our primary method of communication. This is the best way to contact us and is open Monday to Friday (GMT). So please post your question making the subject clear in the subject field.

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Author and Pastor, Steven Birnie

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