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Today’s newspapers, TV reports and online news are filled with many stories from around the world from freak weather incidents, to continued instability in relations between peoples and nations. As the final years of mankind’s history plays out, these events will intensify and in the Tribulation Period, they’ll be like nothing the world has ever seen before.

Along with following our characters live’s in these times, we’ve incorporated short, regular news reports throughout each eBook in the series to reflect this and add the global flavour, to what the End Times world will be like. The below is an example of a news report which appears in the fourth publication in the series, ‘Pastor Major Sniper Sailor.’ Like the others, we focus on a specific thread of future events and in this eBook, we’ve chosen the worsening weather phenomenons, which will accompany the biblical accounts, showing what life will be like for the inhabitants of the earth.

NEWS – “This is Scottish News on the Hour with a Special Report, I’m Jill McFadden.  The Tsunami Wave which struck the Golden Gates of San Francisco Bay just two days ago is said to have affected eleven counties in the region, with the worst affected, including the Oakland Bay Area, Alameda County and San Francisco’s Pier Forty-Five. The United States Government continues to count the cost of this freak incident but praises the California Major Incident Services for the success of their Tsunami Evacuation Plan which they say has saved thousands of lives. Joining us now from the North Aid Station Delta, we have Bill Trent from California State News reporting, Bill good afternoon and thank you for joining us…” “…Good afternoon and good evening, it’s my pleasure Jill” “Bill, it’s been an unusual and shocking event for the world to witness however I think the amazement lies with the Tsunami Evacuation Plan being so successful, can you tell us more?”

Yes certainly Jill, the State of California has always been on the Tsunami Risk List, however, it’s only been in recent years that a Statewide Evacuation Plan was formulated and put into action. I’m sure you’ll see here behind me at the this Aid Station, the plan has been hugely successful” “It certainly has Bill, just amazing, can you tell us any specifics about the plan itself?” “Yes Jill, well the California Major Incident Services were given the task several years ago of formulating this massive and complex plan to evacuate the citizens who would be affected by such an event. This plan involved splitting the region into several Hot Zones and giving each guidelines, if such an event were to take place. Now the projected timescale from earthquake to a tsunami hitting the San Francisco Bay Area was four to six hours, giving the emergency services this window to evacuate the twelve regions which could have been affected. So this plan involved texts, emails and warnings on social media to the public. It involved institutions and businesses formulating their own evacuation procedures, a massive coordinated effort by the police, ambulance, fire crews and elements of the military to assist in the evacuations.”

“So Bill, can you tell our viewers what plans were put in place to house the citizens of these affected areas?” “Well Jill, behind me you’re seeing one of seventy major Aid Stations which were incorporated into the planning however citizens were advised where possible, to have their own plans in place to stay with relatives and friends inland to ease the burdens of Aid Stations. Several schools and community halls in each area were on standby to deal with any overflow.” “Bill, can you give us an idea of what kind of damage this tsunami has caused the region?” “As you said earlier Jill, the Oakland Bay Area, the Alameda State and the famous Pier Forty-Five have been extensively flooded, however, the coast supports upwards of thirty marinas and harbors. These harbours were extensively damaged and it’s believed around two thousand boats and ships were damaged or sunk when the wave hit. On land, there are thousands of houses and buildings flooded or underwater at this time including the Cruise Terminal, the Ferry Building and the Port Headquarters with many tunnels and underground facilities underwater at this time. It is difficult to explain the extent of the damage, however, I’m sure we’ll know more when the flooding subsides.”

“Bill, we were told that a joint US and Scottish Naval Exercise from San Diego was taking place in the path of this Tsunami, have there been any reports as to any damage to the fleet?” “Well Jill, Admiral Harroldson who is one of the commanding officers at the San Diego Naval Base, gave the press a short briefing informing the nation that the fleet was never in any danger due to the distance they were sailing from land. He said the Tsunami only became a breaking wave as it reached shallower water near land. So, the Naval Fleet had only reported a large swell on the ocean which they knew to be the impending tsunami…”

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