The Tribulation Soldier

The 16 Part Tribulation Soldier Series of fictional eBooks have been created to illustrate the biblical End Times, the Rapture and the Trials & Tribulation Period. To thoroughly explain the end times as foreshown in the Bible, we follow the life of an Armour Infantry Corps Special Forces Soldier called Major Matt Dixon, as he lives through the final years of earth’s history with his family, fighting in the world’s conflicts and then finally, following his seven-year journey to Israel, to take part in the greatest war of all time.

Through these simply written eBooks, we not only have our characters experience every event as detailed in the Book of Revelations, but cover subjects which challenge us as people such as relationships, marriage, intimate relations between a man and woman, heaven and hell and of course, salvation through Jesus Christ. As an Author and a Pastor, I hope that a reader will find this series of eBooks helpful, to explain this great subject in a clear and uncomplicated way, but at the same time find instruction and encouragement, as we journey through the end times events.

The main publications, part one, two and three, will be full-length eBooks following our main character Matt Dixon, as he lives out the end times as a Special Forces Soldier. The other nine mini-eBooks, including some Specials in between, will be spin-offs from throughout the three main eBooks, set in the same times and in the same circle of friends as Matt, with him making frequent appearances in each. Having presented our series in this way, we hope to give a fuller picture of the vast subject of the end times from many different angles, so a reader will find teaching, instruction and entertainment, as they read this exciting series.


Pastor Paul’s Intimate Relations Guide is an ebook special spun off from the main publication ‘Pastor, Major, Sniper, Sailor.’ Along with the subject of intimate relations, we follow SAS Major Paul McLaughlin as he continues operations from the Combined Allied Forces base in Morocco!

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