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The Tribulation Soldier


In this series of publications, we’ll have 16 Tribulation Soldier eBooks based on the End Times, Rapture and the Tribulation Period. The main eBooks, part one, two and three, will be full-length eBooks following our main character Major Matt Dixon, as he lives out the End Times as a Special Forces Soldier in the Scottish Defence Force. The other eBooks will be spin-offs from throughout the three main publications set in the same times, in the same military and in the same circle of friends as Matt, with him making frequent appearances in each. Having presented our series in this way, we hope to give a fuller picture of the vast subject of the End Times from many different angles, so a reader will find teaching, instructions, and entertainment, as they read the series.

The Tribulation Soldier has a vast storyline, which means we continue to write and edit our eBooks altogether rather than individually, to make sure all of the publications correspond and interlink seamlessly together. As a result, the progress of each eBook in the series varies, so this web page has been created to keep our readers up to date with the writing and editing stages, as well as upcoming release dates. If you’d prefer, we have a monthly situation report video. Click Here >>>

LAST UPDATED: June/July 2019


1. The Tribulation Soldier Part One


2. EBook – ‘Operation Overdue Justice’


3. EBook – ‘Captain Sharpe’s Trial’


4. EBook – ‘Pastor, Major, Sniper, Sailor’


SPECIAL – ‘Pastor Paul’s Intimate Relations Guide’

(In Progress 90%)

5. The Tribulation Soldier Part Two

(Written, to be edited)

SPECIAL – ‘Kierra’s Choice’

(In Progress 65%)

6. EBook – ‘Knight of Nights’

(Written, to be edited)

7. EBook – ‘Montagu Maggie’

(In Progress 70%)

8. EBook – ‘The Lord’s SEAL’

(In Progress 10%)


(In Progress 50%)

9. The Tribulation Soldier Part Three 

(In Progress 2%)

10. EBook – ‘True Lies Tribulation’

(In Progress 20%)

11. EBook – ‘President Patton’

(To be written)

SPECIAL – ‘World War 1-2-3’

(To be written)

12. EBook – ‘T12 Devora Delta’

(In Progress 20%)

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