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What does God Look Like

What does God Look Like?


This is a really good question and one which most Christians have considered at some point. To be perfectly frank, it’s something we’ll need to wait for until our day in glory to see. However, there are some facts which the scriptures show, that we can be sure of in this time. Firstly, God comments in the book of Genesis by saying “let us make man in our image,” which tells us that our being, is very much like God’s. He refers to His physical form countless times throughout the scriptures, about inclining His ear, the word of His mouth, sweet smells, under His feet, by His right hand and so on.  Even in the emotional/heart/mind, He talks about being grieved, satisfied, joyful, sorrowful and happy, which builds up a picture of a very real, amazing, personal God toward us, as His children.

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Aside from what He actually looks like, we can find out so much about what God is actually like, through the coming of Jesus Christ walking among us. Jesus said, that if you’ve seen Him, then you’ve seen the Father and it was true. Jesus displayed all those human traits of feeling and showing emotions like grief, sorrows, joy, frustrations and much more, as an example to us. Jesus was and is, the express image of God as the scriptures tell us, so the more we get to know Him, the more we’ll get to know the Father.

So, for what He actually looks like. Well, He tells us much about His physical form and even takes it further by saying, He is not flesh and blood, but spirit. However, it’s just a fact that we will never know in this earthly lifetime, what He actually looks like and it’s something we’ll need to wait upon until our time comes. But oh boy, what an event to look forward to; seeing God’s face for the very first time, in all His glory with nothing hidden. Friend, I can’t wait!

What does God Look Like

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