QUESTIONS ANSWERED – What about UFOS and Aliens?

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What about UFOS and Aliens?

This is a subject which is far easier to explain now, than say 20 to 30 years ago, due the rapid advance in technologies. Before, it might have been quite hard for Christian’s to explain Alien U.F.O’s sightings caught on camera, but nowadays, with digital remastering processes, it’s clear to see, that these grainy images of even the most famous sightings, just turned out to be easily explained instances of error. Even a lot of the stories which emerged from places like Area 51 about Aliens and crashed spacecraft, all basically turned out to be hoax stories, to take the focus off the development of super-secret aircraft such as the SR71 Blackbird Spy Plane.

With almost all of these questions being explained, it’s all come as a bit of a let down for those who believed in these sightings and stories. However, the real question is why does mankind possess such a great need to believe in something more than what’s seen with the eye. This is really the main question which surrounds this subject, so I’ll try to explain as fully and as briefly as I can, so you can know for yourself.

It’s a truth, that almost 95% of the world’s population today believe in some higher power, religion or belief system, and when we look back through the ages, it was no different then. Mankind just seems to have this desire within, to put their own affections upon something other than themselves, even if they don’t see it, to gain some sort of fulfillment or hope. This desire actually manifests itself in many other ways, because man needs something to believe in and worship, like supporting and following a football team, taking care of a prized car or even just being part of a club.

I’m sure the Christian reader can see exactly where I’m going with this and the simple answer is, it’s what we were created to do by our Lord God Almighty. We were created with that need to believe and worship in the true God, Jesus Christ and in that, we find that lasting, daily fulfillment as we walk with Him as God intended. Unfortunately, unsaved individuals follow after ideas like Aliens and U.F.O’s to try and fulfill that great need, with no real lasting fulfillment leaving the individual in the position of feeling empty and alone.

If you’re a person who doesn’t necessarily believe in Jesus, following the trends of the world but still finding no real enjoyment or satisfaction, then you know what I’m going to say. Forget what you think you know about God or what’s been presented to you as the Christians idea. God is very real and he’s not just a God who offers eternal life, but a true, lasting, daily relationship with him, never letting you down and carrying your worries.

What about UFOS and Aliens? Image

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