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If movies were made based on the Old Testament accounts and the Book of Revelations, many would be rated over 18 years of age only, due to the various events which take place. From wars and fighting to adultery and betrayal, the Word of God has it all, however, each and every passage contained within God’s Word is presented appropriately, giving us enough information to build a picture of the account, without going overboard with the details. It’s the way God’s Word has been written, giving any Pastor, Author or preacher the message to include adult themes, but be appropriate as to how you do.

As a Christian Pastor, I’ve been used to preaching before assemblies and teaching within small groups and you learn very quickly what’s appropriate and what’s not. For example, intimacy between a man and woman might be a good subject for a closed group, filled with engaged or married couples, but it wouldn’t be an appropriate subject, to be discussed in a morning service with children and youth present.  It’s this mindset that I’ve naturally adopted in the writing of these publications, as we’ve included many adult themes, in as appropriate a manner as possible. But for however appropriate they may be, many of these storylines won’t be suitable for the younger reader.

When a person studies the subject of the End Times, the Rapture and especially the Trials and Tribulation Period, you find that many of the themes will centre around wars and suffering. So, great care has been taken to present these biblical teachings in balance. In addition, we’ve included many adult themes such as relationships, marriage and intimate relations between a man and a woman, which would not be suitable for a younger reader. We hope that any reader will see, the great lengths we’ve taken, to ensure that these subjects are presented in a balanced way so that they’ll be instructed, find encouragement and enjoy an entertaining read.

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