Statement of Faith

The Tribulation Soldier Statement of Faith


There are many websites, blogs and forums today on the internet, which are operated by Godly Christians, following their particular call in Jesus Christ. However, as always, there are those who are operating very much in their own wisdom and some, outrightly preaching false, incorrect and incomplete teachings of God’s Word. This aspect is nothing new to the sphere of Christianity and the Word of God encourages us time and time again, to be aware of false and incorrect teachers and test what we read and hear, as part of our Christian walk. So with that in mind, we thought it necessary to share a little further about myself as a Christian and what we believe, so that you as the reader might test for yourself the kind of Christians we are.

So as briefly as possible…

2002 – 2009

Having fallen away from God in my teenage years, I returned to that place of peace with Jesus. Shortly after, we were given a Word by a well known and now dearly departed Christian Preacher called John-Paul Jackson who gave us our calling. Over the next 7 years, we were prepared for the ministry which included a straightening out of our lives, a 4 year season of serious illness and an exhaustive study of the Bible.  In 2009 having recovered from that serious illness, I was given the opportunity to preach my first public teaching season of the First Principles and Oracles of God, opening the way for my first book and later, the creation of our first website.

2009 – 2012

In 2009, the Word we received began to come to pass as we were set forward to oversee the youth and young adults at Elgin Community Church. There we held our own Sunday Night Youth Service, an open Thursday Night Youth Cafe and a monthly youth outreach event where we saw youth saved and baptised. This was undoubtedly the happiest years we’d experience to date, as we Pastored the youth, opened our home and spent time travelling to various youth events. 

2012 – 2016

In 2012, Sharon gave birth to our daughter Emily and very soon after, she fell pregnant with David. After this 9 year promise from God, life began to change a lot and soon we were set forward in a surprise move, to a fellowship more local to us as a family. There we took up the role of the Associate Pastor and Assistant to the Scottish National Overseer, who was and is, a close personal friend. Within the New Elgin Christian Fellowship, I was called to preach and teach, pastor within the assembly and oversee a small home group within our home. It was there we were recognised, as a registered UK and European Christian Minister, as part of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies. In 2013, I began my own prayer and research into writing Fictional Christian Publications and it was then the Tribulation Soldier was born. Along with family, work and church work, I somehow managed to write the first in our series of the books you see today and making them available through our website. 

2016 – PRESENT

In 2016, we began to experience that impression from God to move on and move forward so, with the blessing of our National Overseer and fellowship, we stepped down to follow the call which was laid on our hearts 14 years before. It was then we really began to push with the Tribulation Soldier Publications and our new website, writing and editing and then releasing our eBooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. All the while continuing to devote as much time as possible to David and Emily. Looking back, our path wasn’t an easy one with many ups and downs but today, we feel that we can see from the good memories and bad, the hand of God directing two people, who would otherwise deserve nothing of His Favour. Yet God in His Wisdom, continued, through our victories and failures, to stick by His Promises, never letting us down.

So, that’s a very brief overview of who we are and where we come from and below is what we fully believe as Christians, looking to Jesus in all things. Bless you…

Our Statement of Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God and that He shed off His Glory to be sent to the earth to die as a man for the sins of mankind. By leading a perfect life from His Birth to His Death, in thought, word and deed; He achieved this by presenting Himself willingly before His Father as a Perfect Sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Now those who believe in Him, who repent of their dead works, confess their sins and recognise their need for forgiveness, can receive a full pardon for their sins yesterday, today and tomorrow. This can only be achieved by faith and faith alone in God’s beloved Son Jesus Christ. We believe that when one gives their life to Jesus, they receive those benefits through faith and by His Unmerited Favour which include – complete reconciliation to God, forgiveness of sins, adoption, freedom from the law, liberty, an indwelling of His Spirit and Eternal Life in Heaven.
We believe in three distinct New Testament Baptisms, a Baptism into Christ (Blood), a Baptism in Water (Water) and a Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Oil) as foreshown in the consecration of Levitical Priests. The Baptism into Christ – Occurring the moment an individual believes in the name of Christ receiving all of the benefits of Salvation. The literal Baptism of Water – An act in which an individual identifies themselves as a Christian by being publicly, fully immersed in water and is represented as an outward act of something which has already occurred within. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Occurring when an individual has not only given their lives to the Lord, but their works also giving them the strength, wisdom and power to walk in the ways of the Lord. All represent a death and burial of the old and a resurrection into the new.
With this New life in Jesus, we believe there are three primary calls as a Christian (Philippians 3:10) with the first being the most essential; to know Him more as our personal Lord, Saviour and Best Friend. We believe this to be the primary result of the Cross and the desire of God to restore true, maturing and intimate relationship with the creation He loves. The second is to seek God, to grow in the fruits of His Spirit and to live in the New Life God has given, which we believe, can only be achieved by the indwelling of His Spirit supporting us, encouraging us and giving us the knowledge and wisdom. The third is to join Christ in His sufferings which we would believe to be twofold; His ongoing sufferings for His Church and His ongoing sufferings to win the lost to which we are called to partake, in the level of faith and calling He’s given us.
We believe, according to the revelation of the scriptures, that there are three distinct scenes of judgment which will take place; the Judgement Seat of Christ, The Throne of His Glory and The Great White Throne, giving us the sequence of mankind’s future. Using this and other keys, employing all of the methods of scripture interpretation, including the original texts, we believe there will be a catching away of Christ’s Church, a Seven Year Trial and Tribulation Period and a following 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth.
The above statement is the result of many years of exhaustive study, seasons of public teaching and examining the scriptures in the original texts. But, the above personal testimony is the result of actually living out what the scriptures tell us and by experiencing the hand of God in our lives.
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