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Comment Info Intro

Like most websites, the Tribulation Soldier has a vast blog and social media platform and we’d hope that our friends, visitors and customers, would feel free to like, follow and comment on the many articles, images and videos we post. In this, we continue to make the platform as user-friendly as possible, so with the Comments Information below, we hope that these will be great guidelines for not only ease of use, but to do everything reasonably possible to protect users from spam, upsetting behaviour, and malicious comments. 

It’s important that the below guidelines be read, understood and fully agreed with, before moving forward on our platform. Our full website terms and conditions apply. Enjoy!

Main Points

Age Appropriate – If you’re under the legal age of your home country, then please ask your parent, guardian or pastor permission before using this platform. This is due to adult content, however, we’d love to hear from you in the future!

Advertisement – The Tribulation Soldier Series already has a trusted Christian organization list with partners, causes and projects which we share regularly with our visitors and readers. Therefore this platform is not to be used for advertising products, ministries or raising funds for projects.

Offensive Users – Whether visitors or members, we operate a ‘zero tolerance’ toward those who bully or are aggressive toward other members. Offending users will have their membership terminated, profile blocked and in serious cases, their IP Address will be logged and reported to their internet provider.

Comment Guidelines

With the main points above, a user is more than welcome to join, so the below are the requirements of membership, to strive toward a user-friendly experience.

Your Profile – We’d suggest that you only provide minimal information in your profile, like your country of origin rather than regions and addresses. We would expect that you have one account with no alias using your first name and surname with no user names such as christchild123, displaying a picture of yourself.

Text Only – This forum has been designed to be a great environment for socializing and support and many users come from remote areas, where they have limited data and internet access. So, this forum is a text-only forum, with no videos or images, other than the image of you on your profile. A user can, however, copy and paste an image or video URL in a post, which will display these types of media. 

Have a Look Around – We have many webpages with content to answer any questions about the Tribulation Soldier, including download and technical information as well as social media channels with up to date news and info. We’d suggest a member take some time to explore, to become familiar with our online platform.

Comment Info and Guidelines

Our full website Terms and Conditions apply. Thank you!

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