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Although we’re working with 16 rural organisations from around the world, the Support a Saint aspect of the Tribulation Soldier is in its early stages and will grow as our series expands!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Christian Ministries that operate in rural and remote areas around the world. Due to greater internet coverage, many of these ministries are becoming known and it’s plain to see just how amazing these Missionaries, Pastors and their families truly are. Whilst building the Tribulation Soldier Series, we’d met some of these ministries from places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Africa, South America and many more.  Very quickly, it became clear to see, that those families would be the ones, who’d benefit from the proceeds of our eBook series. So, over the months of building, the Tribulation Soldier Support a Saint was born.

Now, the idea is not to harass readers with endless requests and fundraisers, although a reader would be free to contribute further, but rather to give to these ministries directly from eBook downloads. This way, each reader of our series will know that they’re contributing to these men and women, as they feed the poor, protect orphans, take care of widows & elderly and so much more. So, rather than giving large amounts of funds to a small number of large ministries, we’ll be giving small monthly donations to as many genuine rural ministries as possible. This donation will make the way clear for them to concentrate on carrying out their calling, by giving them funds for their families, freeing them up from this sometimes constant pressure.

Updates on the activities of these ministries will be posted as part of our online weekday magazine on Facebook called the Tribulation Soldier Coms, so that a reader will see where the majority of their download has gone, to support the real Tribulation Soldiers!

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