The Tribulation Soldier


Our kid’s YouTube channels are our last, but certainly not least, called Birnie Family Fun, BFF Shorty Shorts and BFF Gaming. These contain videos of the antics and activities of our kids David and Emily. With no rehearsals, they share videos like David’s Airsoft and Emily’s Horse Vlog with much more.

As hugely active kids, they’ll share many videos including Anything With An Engine, Quads, Gaming, and their Pets with everything else in between. Also, they’ll share videos of our day trips, weekend breaks, and caravan holidays from around Scotland as well as their Challenge videos.

Being kids channels, David and Emily feature on their own Facebook, Instagram as well as TikTok channels called Birnie Family Fun. So, if any readers or visitors have kids, we hope they’ll enjoy their take on life and have some fun!

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