The Tribulation Soldier


The Tribulation Soldier Coms is our third YouTube channel sharing Christian videos as part of our weekly line-up. For those who enjoy, we share Prayer videos where any visitor or reader can enjoy encouragement and a short time of quiet! On Tuesdays, we share teaching videos that include practical life stuff and an in-depth view of the scriptures.

On Wednesdays, we’ll occasionally share on our Music Playlist, up and coming as well as more well-established Christian Worship artists. These range from Rock and Rap to Vocal Artists and live music. And on Thursdays, we share a sermon from the house, garage, or countryside as a series of messages.

Like our other channels, the Tribulation Soldier Coms has a Facebook page with the same videos. However, as our weekday online magazine, we’ll share the very best Christian devotionals, news, causes, and music for our readers to enjoy!

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