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LAST UPDATED: March 2024

ADVISORY – Aside from our ‘Birnie Family Fun’ YouTube channel, the content of our eBooks, teachings, information, and social media platforms contained on our website are suitable for the mature user. Please ask your parent/guardian/pastor for permission to use or contact this website if you’re under the legal age of your home country. Thank you! 

Quick Info for Customers

These are our quick terms, conditions, and information for customers to make the process more user-friendly when downloading the ebook packages. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, please scroll down to the full terms, conditions, and information which include the following Tribulation Soldier Series social media platforms…

The Tribulation Soldier eBook Series YouTube and Facebook

The Tribulation Soldier Coms YouTube and Facebook

The Birnie Family and Birnie Family Fun YouTube

Payment and Refund Infomation

Payment Information

Our website uses Paypal as its form of International Online Payment used by over 286 million people worldwide to pay by Debit or Credit Card online. This is to provide as secure a transaction as possible, however, please be aware, no transaction via the internet can be 100% secure.

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Packages are priced in Pounds Sterling and are correct at the time shown. Please refer to the currency of your home country for the current exchange rates.

If you are not the cardholder, please ensure you have the cardholder’s permission when using our website.

All packages are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) and are regulated by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HRMC) in the United Kingdom.  Our UK VAT REGISTRATION NUMBER: 150986588.

Refund Information

Please be aware, as with Online Distance Selling Regulations, a consumer loses their right to the ’14 Day Cancellation’ due to a product either being a downloadable or streamable item.

General Terms and Information

This website contains reviews, excerpts, download and technical information and we recommend they are read and understood before purchase.

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The eBooks available on this website are presented in PDF Format. Please ensure you have the correct software and hardware to access these packages before purchase.

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If you’d like to download our eBooks to be read on any device, please visit our Amazon Kindle-Shop.

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Due to changes in our Website Insurance Policy, we are only partially covered at this time within the US and Canada.  We would ask that visitors from these countries use this website at their own risk on a ‘Non Contract Basis’ or download our eBooks on our Amazon, Nook, Kobo and other eBook outlets.  This situation is out of our hands but will be resolved.

We reserve to right to refuse service.

Contact Information

24/7 Online Help and Information

Firstly, if you’re a visitor or reader who has a question, we’d ask that you please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or our Download & 24/7 Technical Info pages.  This would be hugely appreciated, helping us with the workload and speed of responses. If you’re downloading from outlets such as Amazon, please refer to their Download and Technical Info. Thank you!

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Download Information

Our 24/4 Technical Information

Our Online Q&A Forum

If these pages haven’t answered your question, please feel free to contact us on our website Q&A forum designed as our primary method of communication. This is the best way to contact us and is open Monday to Friday (GMT). So please post your question making the subject clear in the subject field. 

The Tribulation Soldier Q&A Forum

Visit our Comment Guidelines Page

Please note, that in keeping with good working practice and customer service, priority is given to readers and customers. Questions on other platforms such as Messenger and Instagram will be answered as quickly as possible.

Our times of contact are Monday to Friday (GMT). Please be aware of the time difference.

Lastly, for business inquiries, you’re more than welcome to view our office mail and email address which are displayed at the footer of each page. We do hope our contact system is user-friendly and we thank you in advance for your understanding, especially at busy times!

Complaints and Issues Information

We would most certainly hope that our service, platform, and systems are simple and user-friendly. However, if a user has an issue or a suggestion on how we could improve an area, they are more than welcome to email us. Please send any emails on the address below marking clearly the subject field. We will attend to these messages as soon as reasonably possible.

Through all of the information given on our platforms, it’s the sole responsibility of every user to ensure that the goods and services we offer are adequate to suit their individual needs before use. If at any time a user disagrees with the Terms, Conditions and Information or deems our eBooks and/or platform inadequate to their personal requirements, we would kindly ask they refrain from using our platform or contacting us.

Email: info@thetribulationsoldier.com

Author and Pastor, Rev. Steven Birnie

Licensed Christian Minister

Association of International Gospel Assemblies

Member Number: E004LI140121

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Full Terms, Conditions and Infomation

As with all organizations, we’re duty-bound to provide a reasonable overview of information concerning this website and its uses. So please read the following terms, conditions, and information carefully before using our website or contacting us as a visitor, customer or supplier. If you’re downloading from other eBookshops such as Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble, please refer to their specific terms and conditions. Nothing in the following terms, conditions and information affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

1.  General Terms and Information

2.  Privacy and Cookies Information

3.  Copyright Information

4.  Social Media Information

5.  Worship Playlist Information

6.  Blog Page Information

7.  Monthly Newsletter Information

8.  Goods and Services Infomation

9. Advertising Information

10. Blind & Visually Impaired Info

11. Charity Info

1. General Terms and Information

General Terms

By using this site and its material, as well as any other outlets which our packages are distributed, such as Amazon or Nookpress, you are agreeing to be under Scot’s Law and are bound by these terms and conditions which are governed by Scot’s Law. This page from time to time will be updated accordingly and you should check the date of these terms and conditions, which can be found at the top of this document.  If at any time you do not agree with any of these terms then please DO NOT use this website or contact us offering services.

Author and Pastor, Steven and Sharon Birnie are the sole owners or licensees of all intellectual property rights, logos, trademarks, materials published and publications.  Those works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world being registered with the UK Copyright Service (UKCS).  All such rights are reserved.

This website is open to anyone.  The views and opinions expressed in its content are not intended to offend, they are views held by the author, widely believed within the Christian faith and may not be the views shared by other denominations or groups. If you find you do not agree with these views, please do not use this website.

Every effort has been made to ensure all previews give a reasonable overview of the eBook packages.  Because interpretations vary, we cannot be held liable for any misinterpretation of the content.

The use of any of the information on this website is entirely at your own risk for which we will not be liable.  It shall be the responsibility of the individual to ensure that any products, services or information available, meet their specific requirements.

We cannot be held liable for end-users software and hardware.  It is the responsibility of the end-user to ensure they have the correct functioning software and hardware to access and use these packages.

A PDF converter can be used to access these packages for a range of devices. Please be aware, we cannot be held liable for this process and it’s the sole responsibility of the end-user to ensure their device/converter is suitable.

We aim to update our website regularly and may change the content from time to time.  If the needs arise we may suspend access to our website.  Any of the material on our website may be out of date at any given time and we are under no obligation to update such material.

As an organization, we are expected to give priority to paying customers and regular users due to the limits in the level of time and attention we can offer. Therefore, priority will be given to paying customers first in this regard. This is termed as ‘good working practice’ giving paying customers the service they deserve for their custom.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

Our Liability

The materials provided on this website are provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy’s.  To the extent permitted by law we hereby expressly exclude…

All conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law, or the law of equity.

Any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user in connection with our site or in connection with the use, inability to use, or of the results of the use of our site, any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it, including, without limitation any liability for:

Loss of income

Loss of business

Loss of profits

Loss of contracts

Loss anticipated savings

Loss of data

Loss of goodwill

Wasted management or office time.

And for any other loss or damage of any kind, however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable, provided that this condition shall not prevent claims for loss of or damage to you, tangible property or any other claims for the direct financial loss that are not excluded by any of the categories aforementioned.

This does not affect our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

The materials contained on this website, publications, features, articles and Blog are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute any legal or other professional advice and shall not be relied upon as such.

We do not accept responsibility for any loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on the information on this website and to the fullest extent of Scottish Law, we exclude all liability for damages direct or indirect arising from the use of this site. The use of this website and any dispute arising from its use is subject to Scottish Law.

Viruses, hacking and other offences

You must not misuse this website by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, Worms, Logic Bombs or any other material which is malicious or technologically harmful.  You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to our site, the server on which our Website is stored or any server, computer or database connected to our site.  You must not attack our site via a denial of service attack.

By breaching this provision, you would commit a criminal offence under the computer misuse act 1990. We will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing your identity to them.  In the event of a breach, your right to use this website will cease immediately.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may affect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of our site or to your downloading of any material posted on it, or of any website linked to it.

Email and WordPress Correspondence

All reasonable care has been taken to avoid the transmission of viruses, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that the onward transmission, opening or the use of the message and any attachments will not adversely affect its systems or data. No responsibility is accepted by us in this regard and the recipient should carry out such virus and other checks as it considers appropriate.

We will not engage in debates concerning doctrinal issues or opinion on this website due to the limitations of email, article comments or text. We would ask our visitors to respect this term as we’re sure it can be appreciated, debates are better performed in person.

All comments made on the WordPress Blog of this website are subject to our careful ‘comment approval system’ powered by WordPress. This is to ensure our website is kept as family-friendly as possible and to protect our valued friends, visitors and customers. In the event of extremely inappropriate or disrespectful comments, the email and IP address will be logged.

All emails to our organization are logged in accordance with Law.

Telephone Correspondence

At the moment, we operate online using our forum and email address.

Amazon, NOOK, KOBO and other EBook Outlets

As a company, we have made available our publications through various EBook outlets and although we would work quickly to remedy any issues, we cannot be held liable for issues outwith our control. At times, these outlets can present our publications with faulty formatting and again, we would work hard to remedy these issues as soon as possible. Please be aware of this aspect of our terms and read the terms and conditions of these outlets.

2. Privacy and Cookies Information

A user’s privacy is of the utmost importance, so we’ve created a separate Privacy and Cookies information page to inform of our policies along with helpful links.

The Tribulation Soldier Privacy and Cookies

3. Copyright Information

The Tribulation Soldier Series was years in the making with many different stages and circumstances connecting with many individuals and organisations in that time. So this is a brief overview of that history along with copyright regulations and information.

Copyright Statement

All of the following works, writings, titles and ebooks are protected by the worldwide copyright treaty with works registered at the ‘UK Copyright Service.’

Copyright History

The Christian Back to Basics was conceived in 2005 and the Online Bookshop was designed in 2010 by Author and Pastor, Rev. Steven Birnie. It was constructed and made live on the worldwide internet by Poppy Design Website Designers and web hosts on the 30th of October 2010. A Blog Page was created as an addition to the main Online Bookshop and launched in 2010 along with the Christian Back to Basics website. As of 2014, the Christian Back to Basics eBookshop progressed to The Tribulation Soldier eBook Series as its new face-lift for 2016.

As a foundation to the Tribulation Soldier Series, the original study of the first eBooks of ‘The First Principles and Oracles of God & Growing in Grace’ and ‘The Principles of the Gathering’ eBook and audio packages began in 2005. These were studied for five years and in 2010, both teachings were preached and recorded before National Overseers, Pastors, Elders and Christians of all ages in a public church setting. In 2010 both teachings were written as eBooks, the audios were edited and then made available via the online bookshop.

With these teaching books as a foundation, the first of the ‘Tribulation Soldier eBooks on the End Times were written & edited, assigning international ISBN Numbers and Copyright. These were presented as first edition eBooks on our ebookshop and third party outlets on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords eBookstores. At the same time, the series progressed from a 12 to a 16 part series with the aim of writing over 2.5 million words.

With the series, a social media network was constructed beginning with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Social media then progressed and grew to incorporate Youtube, Instagram and blog sites such as Reddit. This was to create an outlet for social media posts and articles with images & videos as features for our readers.

In this, we created relationships with many ministries from around the world including Christian worship artists & bands and rural and remote Christian ministries. This developed into the Tribulation Soldier Worship Playlist and the Tribulation Soldier Support a Saint.  For more information on our social media, Worship Playlist and Support a Saint, please scroll down this page.

Copyright Evidence

This organisation has been operating for some time now with many avenues of evidence and information and below are some of these areas of evidence.

All hard copy copyright evidence and permissions for these publications and links are stored and filed in the offices of Steven and Sharon Birnie.

Electronic evidence for these publications is stored on our email system, computer files and displayed in various articles dating back to October 2010.

Witness evidence includes National Christian Overseers, Senior Pastors, Elders, and Christians from many different backgrounds including acquaintances and partner ministries for over a decade.

General Copyright Terms and Info

Excluding the Worship Playlist, this website and its content are the copyright of Steven and Sharon Birnie. All playlist artists copyright belong to the respective artists and their own music. All Rights Reserved.  Any redistribution or reproduction or commercial use of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following.

You may print or download our eBooks for personal, individual use to a hard disk or download to a hard drive.

You may download any Audio for personal, individual use to hard disk, download to hard drive or transfer to a disk.

You may use our website content (not eBooks or Audio Sermons) to pass on to third parties as long as Steven and Sharon Birnie are stated as their original work.

Although Pastor Steven and Sharon are part of the local church and registered Christian Ministers as part of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, the Tribulation Soldier Series is not affiliated with these organisations and sole rights remain with Pastor Steven and Sharon.

4. Social Media Information

We aim to provide a broad cross-section of features and content throughout our social media with posts containing videos, images and 3rd party shares for our readers to enjoy. All of our social media channels are subject to our full terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of 3rd party channels.

In addition, we have our own social media ‘Comment Guidelines’, which we strongly recommend a visitor reads before commenting.

Visit our Comment Guidelines

Social Media Videos

We aim to share original videos on a weekly basis throughout our social media platform as part of our overall schedule. It’s hoped that there will be a little something for everyone in our line-up.

Our videos are kept as simple as possible with a simple process for editing. This is so that we can produce more videos on many subjects.

Most videos in our series are filmed weeks in advance to ensure we maintain a good stock, sharing according to our schedule.

Periods when the video line-up is less, include holidays periods or instances outwith our control, such as technical issues with 3rd party platforms or staff illnesses.

Please be aware that practical YouTube videos are shared as entertainment only and should not be regarded as advice.

The Tribulation Soldier Official Youtube Channel

This is the first of four YouTube Channels connected to our website uploading official Tribulation Soldier Promo’ and Intro’ videos as well as a Situation Report video. These videos are also shared as part of our Tribulation Soldier eBook Series Facebook Page.

The ‘Tribulation Soldier Coms’ Youtube Channel

This is another of our YouTube Channels containing the teachings and sermons performed as part of our overall video lineup. This is to provide people of the Christian faith, or those who might be searching, with balanced, accurate and easy to understand teachings from the Bible. These videos are also available as part of our Tribulation Soldier Coms Facebook Page.

We try to keep our videos to just about or under 20 minutes unless a special subject is being shared.

All teachings and sermons are performed by Steven Birnie who is a former local church Pastor, a Registered Christian Pastor and the author of the Tribulation Soldier eBook Series.

From time to time we also upload Support a Saint Ministry videos to give these partner ministries some exposure on the worldwide Youtube platform.

The Birnie Family Youtube Channel

As an add-on to our wider platform, we have our Birnie Family Youtube Channel for our readers to enjoy. This contains our social media videos including practical videos on various subjects.

The subjects include our Motorbike Vlog, Scottish Tours, as well as practical videos such as Cars, Bikes & Boats and DIY Dad.

Our videos are shared at 6pm (GMT) on weekdays. These videos accompany our series, however, these are not to be taken as professional advice, but we do hope a reader enjoys!

Birnie Family Fun YouTube Channels

In addition to our Birnie Family YouTube, we have our ‘just for kids’ YouTube Channels called Birnie Family Fun, Birnie Family Fun Shorty Shorts, and BFF Gaming. These channels will contain the activities and antics of our children, David and Emily!

The Tribulation eBook Series Facebook Page

This Facebook page is very simple in that we share a Situation Report video containing some news and updates on where we’re at in writing, editing, and releasing our Tribulation Soldier Publications.

In addition, we also share related end times posts and article links, as well as military charity shares.

Updates on our series can also be found through our Series Progress website page, our Blog page, and the various social media posts shared.

The Tribulation Soldier Coms Facebook Page

This feature is a Weekday Online Magazine to give our readers a one-stop page with post shares from Christian organisations from around the world. These include devotionals, news and music, as well as our own video prayer, teaching, playlist and sermons. It’s hoped that this will be a great resource to create a broad view of the modern Christian World!

Prayer, Teachings, Worship, Sermons, and much more videos are shared on a regular basis!

Shares from other Christian websites are shared in two blocks; am shares and pm shares which amount up to over 10 per day.

All shares are posted on weekdays only on GMT to ensure that most users can view the content in the evenings.

We recommend users like this page but turn off notifications to avoid multiple notifications.

The Birnie Family Facebook Page

This page is our day-to-day Facebook page sharing various videos, images and posts on many different subjects.

General Social Media Information

Aside from the Birnie Family Youtube Channel and our Mega Kids, the most part of our social media is designed for the mature visitor/reader due to the content and theme of our eBook Series. Therefore we try to ensure adequate warnings and information are provided on the various features.

Although filming in a public place is perfectly legal, we take great care in minimising any filming of other children or young adults other than David and Emily. In most cases, parents are informed that the videos are for social media purposes and are asked for their permission.

Although we take great care in sharing quality content, there may be from time to time, content from 3rd parties which may not be in keeping with good Christian resources. We cannot accept responsibility for the 3rd party’s content and we encourage them to test these materials for themselves.

Please always be aware, that if you follow any links to these 3rd party platforms and websites you will be subject to their individual terms and conditions.

We periodically add and remove various posts to keep the pages fresh and up to date, so we reserve the right to change, alter or cease features at any time.

These teachings, sermons and posts are widely believed in the Christian faith and are not intended to offend. If one disagrees with the content, we respectfully ask that they refrain from using the website and its features.

5. Worship Playlist Information

Our website contains an exclusive worship playlist of featured Christian Artists from around the globe as an add-on to our eBook series for our readers to enjoy. These worship tracks are available to view on our Tribulation Soldier Coms Youtube Channel, The Tribulation Soldier Coms Weekday Online Magazine on Facebook and as part of various videos, posts and Blog Articles.

Please be aware of the individual Terms and Conditions of the respective artist’s website, social media and download platforms.

All express permission was obtained through these respective artists by the Tribulation Soldier Series to share their music.

All copyrights belong to those respective artists and their music. The Tribulation Soldier Series owns no rights, sharing these up and coming artists, to give them exposure.

6. Blog Page Information

Our Blog Page was updated over the course of 2018 to run a new format covering as many subjects as we could in the form of articles. In addition, our articles are shared on third-party platforms such as Reddit and Blogger. These include the following subjects plus much more.

End Times

Christian Questions Answered

News and Information

Tribulation Testimonies

Please be aware, that our full blog page line-up is seasonal and reduces on Christmas, Easter, Summer and October Holiday periods.

7. Our Monthly Newsletter

When our online platform moves forward we will make available a newsletter for those who wish to receive updates through their email address.

8. Goods and Services Information

As a company, we enjoy the relationships we have with our suppliers of goods and services to ensure we provide the best quality possible for our users and readers. These procedures are in place to firstly ensure that we receive the goods or services we require, with us providing prompt payment to our suppliers.

In addition, these procedures have been put in place to safeguard our organisation from events such as unauthorised purchases by unauthorised or non-members of staff, inadvertently signing/authorising of poorly worded or unclear contracts and attempts by individuals or companies, to make fraudulent financial gains from our organisation.

For unknown suppliers contacting our organisation, please be aware that we have a list of trusted, proven suppliers of goods and services, which we desire to remain loyal to, who adhere to the following procedures.

Supplier Quotations

As an organisation, we require a full quotation of the goods or services being offered. The quotation should be displayed on a headed document/email including the name, full address, full contact details and trading registration number as well as the name of the sales representative.

A full description of the quotation of goods or services is required, displaying full costs including tax with any additional, hidden or future costs, as well as any warranty or guarantee periods.

A quotation must display the approximate delivery times and any costs of delivery.

For a quotation to be accepted, these conditions need to be met as well as signed by a senior member of staff authorised to do so. Without a quotation bearing all of the requirements, any future invoices would be delayed in payment or refused.

Our Purchasing Orders

If the goods or services are required, our company purchase order is to be used which must include.

A copy of the supplier’s original quotation

Our company purchase order number

A suppliers reference number

The address and contact details of the supplier

Our delivery address

A full description of the goods including part numbers

The agreed price

The quantity required

The approximate delivery date

Any special requirements or agreements

Please note, no purchase orders are valid unless checked & signed and authorised by a senior member of staff.

Supplier Delivery

The supplier is to send their confirmation delivery note as soon as the purchase is processed, confirming all of the details given in our company purchase order. This is so we can double-check all of the details to ensure the transaction is correct and acceptable, to minimise costly errors or delays for both us and suppliers.

Our purchase order must be reviewed by the supplier, informing us as soon as possible with any amendments.

Where possible, a supplier’s courier tracking number is to be displayed on the delivery note for progressing goods.

We must be informed of any delays by email at the soonest reasonable opportunity.

On arrival, the goods will be inspected for any damage or errors in quantity and the informing of any issues will be made to the supplier within 24 hours.

In the case of the goods arriving in a seriously damaged state or the wrong material has arrived, the supplier will be informed immediately and in some cases, the delivery will be refused.

Please note, the delivery service must obtain a signed and dated confirmation of the receipt of these goods by an authorised member of our staff. Unsigned delivery notes may delay or refuse payment.

Supplier Invoicing

As a company, it’s important to us that our suppliers are paid promptly and on time, to ensure efficiency and ease of transaction.

Any purchases made requires an invoice to be issued by the supplier and received by us within three days if possible to ensure prompt attention.

We should be notified by email of any delays.

Invoices will be paid immediately for small online purchases, 30 days for others or in accordance with an agreed period.

General  Goods and Services Terms and Conditions

Any invoice will be refused payment which has no signed/authorised quotation or a valid Purchase Order supplied by a member of our staff regardless of any signed, verbal or written authorisation. Any invoices which do not follow our Purchasing Procedure may be delayed in payment or refused.

As a Christian Organisation, we can have no dealings or agreements with companies who are under investigation or who have been convicted of crimes. If any of our goods or service providers come under investigation for crimes or who are convicted of crimes, existing contracts and agreements may be terminated immediately.

Any organisation that contacts us by any method of communication to offer any goods or services will be subject to Scots and UK Laws in regards to any contracts or agreements. If an organisation contacts us by any method of communication, they are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of our organisation and bound by such Terms.

9. Advertising Information

Google Ads on our Website

Google Ads have been incorporated into our online platform as a means to make our website more user-friendly with these extra features. Below are some important points about Google Ads as well as the links to Google’s various information pages. We hope you find this helpful.

Google is one of many advertising networks that personalise ads based on a user’s activities online.

Google and a Website owner do not sell a user’s personal information according to their respective privacy policies.

A Website owner has limited access to what and where adverts appear on their platforms due to Google’s automatic ad placement.

A user can make ads more useful to their experience by visiting Google’s Ad Setting page on the link below.

Visit Google Adchoice

Visit Google Ads Settings

Visit our Privacy Policy

Our Advertising

Our goal with business advertising is to make sure our ads reflect the products and services we offer, reflected in our advertisements on external sites. If a reader does have a query regarding any of our adverts then please contact us on the email addresses provided, making the subject clear in the fields.

All adverts are correct on the date shown.

All adverts are subject to regular amendments as part of our reviews.

10. Blind and Visually Impaired User Info

As a website, we are aware that many individuals who use the internet are blind or have visual impairments, such partial blindness and colour blindness, requiring software and hardware to navigate the web’.  It is our policy to ensure our website is as reasonably clear and as simple as possible so those individuals can benefit from our features and navigate our pages.

Please be aware, we cannot be responsible for end-user hardware/software and it is the responsibility of the end-user to ensure their systems are suitable.

The term ‘Blind Friendly’ has been shown to be the most appropriate term for websites on the internet and for search engines to find websites. However, if any find this term offensive, we will remove it immediately.

We will continue research and updates as part of our business activities. To aid us in continuing our efforts to keep our website up-to-date, we would welcome comments or suggestions as to how to improve our website for the visually impaired, however, comments/suggestions/ideas are accepted by the sole discretion of our organisation.

11. Charity and Giving Information

As an organization, we frequently receive communications from individuals, churches, and organizations requesting financial gifts and funds and although we’d like to help as many as we can, we already have several local and international projects, charities as well as donations to Children’s Hospital Charities. In light of this, we are not in the position to offer financial aid to any individual or organization at this time.

Thank you for reading our terms and information!

Author and Pastor, Steven and Sharon Birnie

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