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There can be no doubt that our armed forces personnel see a very unique side of life which many of us will never understand or experience. The Bible speaks of many political tensions, conflicts and wars in the End Times so together, this makes armed forces personnel the ideal candidates to illustrate a fictional eBook series. Through the eyes of our fictional characters, we’ll see these predicted events take place, such as the Rapture, catastrophic weather conditions and the rise of the antichrist, so that a reader will have a unique view, of what living in the End Times will be like.

Below are the main characters in the Tribulation Soldier and this page will be updated with new characters as further publications in the series are released.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Matt Dixon

Matt was originally a young officer in the Royal Marines and served as a Captain in the Special Boat Service before joining the elite Armour Infantry Corps. Major Matt Dixon is described by his friends and colleagues as an all-round great guy, a professional soldier, and great military leader and although Matt is an extremely tough soldier, he displays that respectful and kind attitude, which many of the Special Forces show.  

Matt is the central fictional character of the Tribulation Soldier eBooks and plays the lead role in Part One, Two and Three, however, he frequently appears throughout our eBooks, as one of the minor characters.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Lucy Davidson

Lucy is one of the Armour Infantry Corp’s senior officers tasked with being Matt’s operator as he carries out his role in the AIC Special Infantry Armour. Lucy is a young but brilliant girl with a bubbly, infectious personality, making her well-loved and protected by the lads in the AIC and despite her being a young woman, she serves as Matt’s closest friend. This puts Matt in the position of acting as her big brother and Lucy as his little sister, but this unlikely pairing makes for a very special relationship, showing the true depth of Lucy’s character.

Lucy appears throughout the Tribulation Soldier Part One and Two as well as small roles in our eBooks as a Senior AIC Operator.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Kierra Mcintyre

Kierra Mcintyre enters the story in the Tribulation Soldier Part One as a Christian aid worker on the Norway Refugee Colony. Working on the Colony at the same time as AIC Special Boat Service Alpha Troop, Kierra and Matt cross paths, where she becomes Matt’s love interest, making Kierra a major character in the overall storyline. She’s portrayed as the model Christian woman, trusting the Lord in everything, as she serves in the dangerous environment of the Scandinavian Dead Zone.  There, she shows a tremendous love and compassion toward the refugees, catching Matt’s eye more than once, with her striking him as a very special woman indeed.

Kierra appears in the Tribulation Soldier Part One, Two and throughout the series.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Greg Duncan

Whether Special Recon Service, Boat Service or Air Service, the Armour Infantry Corps remain a tight group, with the Royal Marines Matt, having the Paratrooper Greg as a close friend and colleague. First appearing in Part One, Greg takes the lead role in the second eBook in the series and is described as a tough, professional and excellent troop commander, having served with the AIC for many years. Yet in his personal life, Greg stands as a great father and a hopelessly romantic husband, being devoted to his children and the love of his life Jessica. In his eBook in the series, we’ll see the professional SAS Soldier taking on a mission, which will test him and his troops to the limits and at the same time, showing the bonds of marriage, the strength of family and the true nature of God.

Greg briefly appears in the Tribulation Soldier Part One and then his own eBook, Operation Overdue Justice.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Jess Duncan

Taking on the role of Major Greg Duncan’s wife, the deeply devoted Jess provides the rock in his life, as he deploys to some of the most dangerous war zones in the world. Being an AIC Soldier’s wife, Jess is frequently called to be strong for the family, help her husband through difficult times and to endure Greg’s ‘over the top’ romantic side. This she does with the characteristics of a Christian woman, making her a very important character in the series.

Jess appears alongside her husband in Operation Overdue Justice, as well as making short appearances in the pre-rapture eBooks in the Tribulation Soldier.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Kerry Sharpe

Halfway through Operation Overdue Justice, Greg Duncan comes to the aid of a close friend from the intelligence corps, as she faces great challenges in her personal life. In eBook three, we follow the life of the tough, professional and beautiful intelligence officer, as she commands covert operations in the end times. Captain Kerry Sharpe is known and well respected throughout the Special Forces community as a brilliant military thinker and a naturally intuitive covert operative, making her one of the most trusted members of the Scottish Defence Force.

Captain Kerry begins her story in Operation Overdue Justice and is the lead character of her eBook, Captain Sharpe’s Trial.


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Paul McLaughlin

Major Paul McLaughlin of the Armour Infantry Corps Special Air Service, takes the lead role in our fourth eBook in the series, ‘Pastor Major Sniper Sailor.’ We follow Paul as he carries out his dual role as an AIC Troop Commander and as the senior AIC Pastor, juggling his life between Special Forces operations and caring for the flock he’s been given. As his story unfolds, Paul is deployed to Morocco, where he’s given an impossible mission, testing him on every level, as he conducts a rescue, without his beloved armour. But just like the characters in our other eBooks, Paul takes on these challenges, experiencing the great goodness, kindness and practical help of God, as he carries out his lone rescue operation, deep in the Moroccan Dead Zone.

Pastor Paul not only takes the lead role in this fourth eBook, but is the central character of a special spin-off eBook called ‘Pastor Paul’s Intimate Relations Guide.’


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Leah Roberts

Captain Leah Roberts is a specialist weapons designer turned AIC operator. Due to her intimate knowledge of the armour, Leah is the perfect choice to be one of the AIC’s senior officers within the Special Air Service Branch. She’s a well-balanced and wise individual and despite being a young woman, she carries a tremendous amount of respect as a member of her troop. As Major Paul McLaughlin’s personal operator, Leah also travels the world planning and overseeing Special Forces operations, making life and death decisions as part of her daily work.

Leah appears alongside Paul as a major character in ‘Pastor Major Sniper Sailor’ as well as playing minor roles in other eBooks in the series, including our sixth, ‘Knight of Nights.’


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Arabella St Etienne

The Tribulation Soldier characters mainly come from the various branches of the military to help illustrate biblical events contained within the end times. But, we’ve incorporated many civilian characters to add flavour to the series and Arrabella is no exception. Born in France and married in Africa, Arrabella finds herself working for an aid organization, braving the dangers of the Moroccan Dead Zones. However, when she loses her husband and the region where she operates begins to deteriorate, she finds herself cut off, requiring the services of the Armour Infantry Corps. Taught her whole life to obey her husband’s every rule, her rescuer Major Paul McLaughlin leads her to safety, in more ways than one.

Arrabella is one of the lead characters of ‘Pastor Major Sniper Sailor.’



The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Ryan McPherson


The Tribulation Soldier Characters Image Maggie McLean


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