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The main branch of the Special Forces we’ve used throughout our series of eBooks is the fictional Armour Infantry Corps (Tribulation Soldier AIC) which we’ve created to be the Elite Special Forces in the Scottish Defence Force. Drawn only from among the officers of the Special Services, the Armour Infantry Corps undergo special training, as well as surgery to increase their strength, to operate the advanced Infantry Armour. Made from a classified metal and powered by a classified power source, these armoured suits encase the soldier fully, making him a hundred times more effective in combat, with an awesome array of firepower and electronics, to fight in any conditions anywhere in the world. These heavily armoured suits can withstand many forms of ammunition and with the help of their Operators and their specialised convoy of armoured vehicles, the soldiers can unleash major firepower, as an individual or as a troop, to overcome the enemy. This gives the Scottish Defence Force a major weapon on the world stage, however, as we near the last few years before the Rapture, Scotland will share its technology with their sworn allies, to help them in their own fights with insurgency and dead zone bandits.

The Armour Infantry Corps is split into three Regiments of eighty soldiers and come from the three main branches of the military – the Navy, the Army and the Air Force. The three Regiments are split into four troops of twenty – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Troops. Each branch, whether SBS, SAS or SRS, have their own specialised skills, however, all are trained in vehicle warfare, anti-terrorism and hostage rescues.


The AIC Special Boat Service (SBS) – This is the Regiment made up of Royal Marine Commandos who’ve served in the regular, but legendary SBS, to which our main character Major Matt Dixon serves as the Commander of Alpha Troop AIC. Attached to the Navy, this group specialises in seaborne warfare, including beach assaults, missions at sea and as a protection force for the North Sea Oil Industry. Their armour, like the others, has its own unique characteristics to suit their speciality which include underwater breathing apparatus, propulsion and weaponry. Along with their specialised armoured amphibious vehicles and their classified mini-subs, makes them the most dangerous seaborne unit in the world.


The AIC Special Air Service (SAS) – This Regiment is made up of Parachute Regiment Officers who’ve served in the regular SAS to which Major Greg Duncan, the main character of our ‘Operation Overdue Justice’ eBook, serves as the commander of Charlie Troop AIC. This group specialises in airborne warfare dropping into war zones and behind the enemy’s lines, however, like all AIC Troops, they partake in anti-terror operations and covert missions. Their armour can be outfitted with their own parachute systems as well as the SDF Aviation Pack, allowing a pilot to fly a solider to a specific location. Along with their armour, the SAS AIC has specialised armoured vehicles, including their own highly specialised aircraft, such as the Wildcat Armoured Helicopter, allowing them to operate anywhere in the world.


The AIC Special Recon Service (SRS) – This final Regiment of the Armour Infantry Corps is made up of former Green Beret Commando Officers who’ve served in the regular SRS. The SRS specialisation is ‘Vehicular and Heavy Weapon Warfare’ making them the land-based arm of the Armour Infantry Corps. These troops patrol and protect Scotland as a Special Forces Police and Rapid Response Force, backing up the regular Police and Army, by responding to serious incidents. However, like the other branches, they can be called to operate behind enemy lines, carry out covert missions and partake in anti-terrorism operations with their own specialised armoured and heavy weapon convoy.

This briefly explains the fictional military branch, which we’ve created to be the Special Forces in our publications. This will take our readers into some of the most brutal and dangerous situations in countries around the world, as only a troop like this could in the end times. In the eBooks, they do just that, they’re chosen to respond to the most dangerous of operations due to their firepower and their superior protection, however, as a reader will see in our eBooks, this often leads to the anguish of the soldiers and their families. We hope that having created this fictional Armour Infantry Corps, that a reader will see a deep picture of the world to come through the great, good and bad situations, which our fictional characters will encounter.

If you’d like to see how the Armour Infantry Corps fits into the Scottish Defence Force, then please visit our Military Page…

The Tribulation Soldier Series

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