The Portrayal of Jesus

in Christian Fiction


A Christian who‘s come to know Jesus, will know that He’s not only their God, but their Lord, Saviour and best Friend. He’s the one who displays a full spectrum of emotions from joy to deep grief, as He becomes what we need Him to be, making Him an awesome God to serve. In my own life, I’ve needed that Lord in my life to chastise me and correct my ways. At times, I’ve needed Him as my Saviour, to support me and help me in times of temptation and in others, I’ve come to Him, needing a close friend who understands me. In each area of my life, He’s never let me down.

God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, are simply too vast a subject to explain, so for the purposes of this web page, I’ll keep this subject simple. This is so we might explain the portrayal of Jesus in our series of fictional Christian eBooks and the great lengths taken to present Him, to both believers and unbelievers alike, as the Great God He is.

One of the greatest calls of the Christian believer is to show a fear of God in all that we do and in some ways, that word ‘fear’ can be taken out of context. Its true meaning within the original Texts is to ‘respect and revere Him’ and it’s this respect which many Christians feel toward the Lord in daily life. There’s an inbuilt sense in a Christian to want to show God in His true light, whether that be in our place of work or in fellowship with other believers. So in these eBooks, we’ve made every effort possible, to not only glorify God but show that full spectrum of who He is. This means highlighting many of the great dimensions of God’s personality which isn’t easy, however, this being a fictional Christian eBook series, we have His Great Word to us as confirmation of who He is. This is the greatest part of writing a fictional publication containing our Lord Jesus Christ.

Properly interpreted, by taking the full view of His Word, examining the original Greek and Hebrew Texts, in context of Book, Chapter and Verse and of course, the leading of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word proves time and time again to be flawless, giving us a tremendous confidence in who He is. The greatest example of this is, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ, who was and is, described as being the express image of God in thought, word, and deed. Jesus came to reveal to the world the true nature of God and in this, God was described as Love itself. So everything we see of Jesus, whether He be teaching, caring or even rebuking, is all carried out in Love. Jesus was this flawless example of a deep and unswerving love toward mankind and it’s this love, that’s shown throughout the Gospels in the way Jesus acted and reacted in various situations. When we think of the account of Jesus rescuing and forgiving the woman caught in adultery, we saw God’s ability to defend the weak and His great compassion toward those who He accepts, just as they are.

When we see Jesus weeping with the family members of His dead friend Lazarus, we see the God who doesn’t take pleasure in the suffering of people and His ability to relate to the feelings of others.  We can see the great praise and encouragement and the rebukes and corrections, given by Jesus to His followers as He taught, showing them that ‘Father Heart’ and that deep desire to see them grow. When we consider Jesus in the garden before His Crucifixion, we see God’s ability to feel deep anguish and sorrow of heart. We can see by the temple incident, where Jesus threw over tables and chased the money changers out of the temple, that righteous anger toward injustice. All of these examples and countless more, show a God who has a full spectrum of a personality, showing emotion without restraint and loving without respect of persons. However, God’s Word is only part of the Christian experience in Him.

The greatest aspect of God’s Word is that we can not only see His written Truth but actually experience the results in our own Christian lives proving even further, the greatness of His Word. These experiences can range from deep personal impressions, visions, dreams, revelation through hearing His Word, to seeing God fix situations, intervene in our circumstances and be a part of our daily life. In the wider sphere of Christianity, we hear on a regular basis, of amazing works of the Lord going on all around the world and reports of miracles and blessings which are seen in His Word to us. It’s this perfect harmony between His Word and actual experience which confirms our faith.

As a seasoned Christian and Pastor, I’ve studied God’s Word for many years, seen Him work in my own life on a deep level and seen His Word come to life in the blessing of others. It’s these Christian experiences which build up a picture of God and help us get to know our Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord, Saviour and best Friend. So although these eBooks are fictional, we’ve based every aspect from His Word and from personal experience, to show Him in His true light throughout our series.

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