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Between 2009 and 2012, just before pastoring adults, we took on the role of youth and young adult pastors in our local church. These were to date, some of the best years of our lives. We held our own Sunday service, opened a Thursday night youth café to have food & fun and traveled to various youth events in our region and beyond. Some of the best moments though, came from us holding our own regular youth event where we saw youth make commitments and later being baptized.

Quite early in this role, some of the more experienced youth suggested that we should include a drama as part of our youth event to share what it’s like to be a young Christian. This, with all the temptations and pulls, as they grew up in quite possibly the toughest peer group of any. Now at this stage, I was the bible accuracy police and to be honest, I couldn’t see beyond the scriptures to teach and reach, however, I agreed to some practice time to see what they were all so excited about. I had to say that I was impressed, so we agreed to include this drama in our upcoming youth event.

On the night of the event, they performed their drama and just a few minutes in, I could see some of the youth who attended being moved, some to tears. I looked at the adults who volunteered to help or support, and I could see some of them in tears too, which included me! Afterward, youth stepped forward to give their lives to Jesus. I was blown away and hugely proud of the youth for what they’d accomplished. But more importantly for me, I could see just how narrow-minded and old fashioned  I’d been to anything termed as an alternative.

During this time, I’d begun writing books and recording sermons, mainly around doctrine & teaching, but at the bottom of my future book pile, was an empty folder marked ‘The Tribulation Soldier – Fiction ???.’ One day, I skeptically thought, that it was time to give this fictional writing a try, so I began writing, what is now the Tribulation Soldier Part One. As the days went by, I couldn’t stop writing and there were even nights where I stayed up till 3 am, enjoying every minute working on the project. I was finding it hard to take in, just how easily everything flowed and the sense of freedom was amazing.

I could see that I could take these books anywhere, putting the characters through any situation to show who God is and how he works in the lives of others. Also, I could explain the end times, rapture and tribulation in another way to standing up preaching & teaching, in a way that was easy to understand and this was where the Tribulation Soldier was born. Very quickly, my thoughts of a 3 part series changed to a 12 part, then finally, a 16 part with 2.5 million words.

This was and is, a huge task however what was bigger, was building the online ministry around the series. This started with our website which grew to include a Blog, Forum, a Worship Playlist, and a large social media platform. Contained within this social media, is where we have our weekday online magazine, our onboard motorbike vlog, family videos, tours of Scottish Castles, preaching & teaching and much more. This makes the Tribulation Soldier a colossal online ministry and it’s hoped that our existing, new and future readers will enjoy these features as they enter the end times, rapture and tribulation with entertainment along the way.

This is the basic story of how the Tribulation Soldier came to be and since then, we’re so glad we reached our goal of releasing  4 eBooks before we launched, with the next 4 being close to completion and the final 8 at various stages as they link together. So we hope that a reader will not only enjoy the eBooks, but also the features we’ve created on our website, to enjoy traveling through the biblical end times.


As a Pastor, I’ve been accustomed to preaching, teaching and presiding over events before groups and assemblies of all ages. Like many other Christian preachers in that role, you become and remain very much aware, that your audiences come from varying backgrounds, educational levels, and ages. As a result, I tend to simplify and adjust my speech, so that all of the hearers might enjoy the subject. It’s this mindset, which I’ve naturally adopted in writing the content of our series of fictional eBooks, to ensure that they’re as easy reads as possible, without taking anything away from the story. It’s a fine balance for any writer to strike, on the one hand, your desire is to tell the story well, by being detailed and authentic. On the other hand, you want the story to flow simply and easily so that any reader will enjoy. So, I tend to write the way I speak and hopefully, the readers of our eBooks will pick up and appreciate that balance, as they enjoy this great subject.

Our publications are available here on our website and through many eBook Stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and KOBO. We also have our Blog and Forum available so our readers can enjoy the Tribulation Soldier articles and be kept up to date with our 16 part series progress. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to explore our website and social media or contact us on our Q&A at www.thetribulationsoldier.com/forum/. We’d love to hear from you!



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