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My name is Steven Birnie and I’m an author from the northeast coast of Scotland. I’m married to Sharon and together we have two amazing kids called Emily and David. At the moment, we’re continuing to build and launch our Tribulation Soldier eBooks, which is a 16-part, 2.5 million-word series based around the end times. With the Tribulation Soldier being a huge series, it’s required a huge online platform with a vast social media network including our Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, and the usual Instagram and Twitter.

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With features such as our motorbike vlogs & Scottish tours, teaching & sermon videos, and our blog & forum, we hope that there will be a little something for everyone, for our new and future readers to enjoy. These website features have taken quite some time to build and would take quite some time to explore, however, our Steven and Sharon Facebook Page and our Birnie Family Youtube Channel are the easiest ways to find us day-to-day. There we’re building our library of videos which include our Youtube Playlists of Wild Camping, DIY and Cars, Bikes & Boats, and blog posts such as our News and Info and End Times Articles. Together with so much more, this should give any reader some great features to enjoy while they read our series.

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So far we’ve released the first four eBooks, so that any reader might get a head start on the series, with them being introduced to the characters, storyline and having a view of the Tribulation Soldier world. The first eBooks are available here on our website in a simple PDF and as eBook versions through many eBookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO. If you’d like to know more, please explore our website where you’ll find out more about us, our latest articles & videos, along with our blog and Q&A Forum.  If you have any questions, please post on our forum, we’d love to hear from you.

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I’ve been accustomed to presiding over events before groups and assemblies of all ages. Like many other speakers in that role, you become and remain very much aware, that your audiences come from varying backgrounds, educational levels, and ages. As a result, I tend to simplify and adjust my speech, so that all of the hearers might enjoy the subject. It’s this mindset, which I’ve naturally adopted in writing the content of our series of fictional eBooks, to ensure that they’re as easy reads as possible, without taking anything away from the story. It’s a fine balance for any writer to strike, on the one hand, your desire is to tell the story well, by being detailed and authentic. On the other hand, you want the story to flow simply and easily so that any reader will enjoy it. So, I tend to write the way I speak and hopefully, the readers of our eBooks will pick up and appreciate that balance, as they enjoy this exciting series.

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