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Should we drink alcohol as Christians?
LATEST NEWS – This is another in our series of articles which include the end times and personal testimonies as we continue to build our blog page. Please feel free to visit us by clicking on the image at the bottom of this article. We’d love to hear from you. […]

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Should we drink alcohol as Christians?
Why so many Christian Denominations? CHRISTIAN QUESTIONS ANSWERED SERIES Like any other group of people, Christian Assemblies have been given freedom to follow God and to practice their faith in the way that they interpret the Holy Scriptures. There are varying degrees of success, which can range from those who […]

Why so many Christian Denominations? – Christian Questions Answered

Which Translation of the Bible? CHRISTIAN QUESTIONS ANSWERED SERIES As far as I’m aware, there are upwards of 120 versions of the Bible translated into the English language ranging from a very good, to a very poor translation. And herein lies the key; the scriptures were recorded in Hebrew, Greek […]

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