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Winding Up To Christmas

Winding Up To Christmas


Well, we’re still continuing the build and with Christmas on its way, we’re busy finishing off various features such as our articles and videos, so that we’re all ready for 2020. This build of our online platform has been colossal and it’s needed to be to surround our 16 part book series. Now, we believe we have some great features for our new and future readers to enjoy with our motorbike vlog & tour videos, teaching & sermon videos and our weekly blog articles. In addition, we’re nearing completion of our Birnie Family Youtube channel which contains some great playlists such as DIY Dad, ‘Cars, Bikes & Boats’ and lots more. Put together, we hope that there will be a little something for everyone as they enjoy our series.

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The build has been colossal and what’s made it far more challenging has been the surgeries gone wrong. At the end of 2017, I headed in for a simple hernia surgery which turned into sepsis, emergency surgery and an open wound for much of 2018. Then at the end of 2018, I headed back in again to have corrective surgery and it all went wrong again, This time it was another surgical mistake with me ending up on a breathing machine with a month in the hospital. So the two combined has meant that 2019 has been a rehab year. However, despite the challenges, we’ve still managed to stay on course to build this online platform and in many ways, it’s the very thing that’s kept us focused during this time.

So we’ll be finishing off our features and deciding what our schedule will be over the festive season. Obviously, we’ll be taking a break from the motorbike vlogs due to the continual prospect of ice and we’ll be finishing off our teachings and sermons until the beginning of 2020. This leaves a three week period and in this, we’ll be hoping to share some random videos on our Facebook and Youtube channel of Christmas and New Year in our household here in Scotland. Because of surgery recovery, this was something we couldn’t do last year so this festive period will be another learning curve for us. But I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and the big hope is, that any of our readers, friends and visitors will feel a part of it and have some fun too.

Winding Up To Christmas

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About Steven Birnie

Steven Birnie is a former local Church Minister and the author of Christian publications which include non-fiction, fictional and teaching eBooks with audio sermons. From the north-east coast of Scotland, Pastor Steven is married to Sharon and together, they have two young children called Emily and David. After seven years of training, three years of overseeing youth and young adults and, three years of being the Assistant Pastor in his local Church, Pastor Steven moved on to focus on writing Christian Publications. In the future, he hopes to write The Tribulation Soldier, his newest Series of Fictional, Military EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, as a 2.5 Million Word Series. But despite continuing pastoral work and writing, Steven remains devoted to his children, enjoying his family life with caravan holidays in the Highlands, fishing, canoeing and his favourite pastime, riding his motorbike through the Scottish countryside.