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Over the months of developing our Tribulation Soldier online platform, we’d met some amazing Christian artists and bands and before long the list was growing. So as a result, the Tribulation Soldier Worship Playlist was born featuring those artists we’d met, loved and decided to support as part of the series. These included many different genres from Christian vocal artists to Christian rap. Most are up and coming and others a little more well established, but all give a broad cross-section of worship for our readers to enjoy.

So the simple idea is, no contracts or fees, just a friendly agreement to give those artists some more exposure, all the while giving us a great feature for our new and future readers. At the time of sharing this message, we have over 20 artists including Justin Warren, Matt Fawcett, Rina David, Anna Richey, Reawaken Hymns and much more. We certainly hope you enjoy.

The playlists are displayed throughout our website and social media, however, each will take the centre spot of Worship Wednesday, sharing their phenomenal gifts at 8pm on our Tribulation Soldier Coms Facebook Page and with their tracks on our Tribulation Soldier Coms channel on Youtube. In addition, you’ll see their tracks tagged on some of our social media videos and listen out for them when we’re filming our vlogs!

Whatever your taste may be, we just hope that you’ll thoroughly enjoy these amazing artists and bands while visiting our website and I’m sure they’d enjoy your feedback!

The Tribulation Soldier Worship Playlist

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