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Who was Cain’s Wife?


This can be a bit of a puzzling question simply because as Christians, we believe that we all came as descendants from Adam and Eve, which is a biblical fact. So, who did Cain marry and have a family with? The simple answer is; one of his sisters or one of his nieces and yes, I know what you think, but let me give you some facts for a full explanation.

  1. Adam and Eve had already fallen, allowing sin to enter the heart of man.
  2. The Law of Moses had not yet been given explaining the laws of marriage etc.
  3. God said to go forth and multiply, so Adam and Eve didn’t just a have three children, but many.

The last part is really the key. Adam and Eve would have had many children, so in all likelihood, it would have been a sister or a niece, whom Cain took as a wife.  God’s design had already been altered because of sin, meaning He would have to give mankind a law to govern the institute of marriage, which would come at a later date in history. For the time being though, in the times of Genesis, there were two main bloodlines, through Adam and Eve’s son Seth who took Abel’s place and another through their fallen son Cain.  Also, there would have been Adam and Eve’s other children later, either marrying in these bloodlines, creating mixed marriages further muddying the gene pool and forever altering God’s perfect plan for man. So again, Cain would have married one of these offspring!

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