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Where we are at the moment

Where we are at the Moment

As we’ve been building the Tribulation Soldier Series, we’ve gone through various stages in the construction of our platform.  Now, we’ve reached a point where we’ve built a large social media platform and a blog page to surround the series, filling them with videos, images, and articles. This is where we are at the moment and this process has given us some great features such our motorbike vlog, teachings, worship playlist, and YouTube channels, for our new and future readers to enjoy. And it hasn’t been easy.

During this past couple of years, I’ve personally undergone two major surgeries which went badly wrong with the latter being extremely serious indeed. The first operation was a simple hernia surgery with the surgeon nicking my bowel, causing major sepsis. This required emergency surgery to save my life. And then a year later, another surgery mistake made me very ill, to the point where I suffered a rare form of pneumonia. This turned serious, with the doctors having to place me on a breathing machine, which turned into a month in hospital and 6 months to a year rehabilitation.

As a Christian, I know that these situations haven’t been setbacks as such, more part of the plan like it’s always been and despite these huge challenges, we see that God continues to be what he promises to be, never letting us down and unwavering commitment to support us. But even in light of this, I look at what’s been built wondering how on earth or in heaven, it’s come to be. By all accounts, I should have failed by now or failed multiple times, but this just proves to me again, of the great and real experience of God working in even the most ordinary individuals like us!

With the videos, images, and articles online and in place, I can continue the process of rehab and push through Post Traumatic Stress. So now it’s time to continue building our social media and blog schedule and a stock of videos, images, and articles for the future.  Filming videos such as our motorbike vlog and mega kids and some teaching and sermon series for our future readers.  We’ll still be posting videos,  images and some articles, however, it will be less than our full schedule. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use this quieter season to build up our stock while we have the time!

If you’d like to know more or contact us, you’re more than welcome to explore our website and visit our Pastor Steven and Sharon Facebook as we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading and I certainly hope you enjoy what’s to come.

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About Steven Birnie

Steven Birnie is a former local Church Minister and the author of Christian publications which include non-fiction, fictional and teaching eBooks with audio sermons. From the north-east coast of Scotland, Pastor Steven is married to Sharon and together, they have two young children called Emily and David. After seven years of training, three years of overseeing youth and young adults and, three years of being the Assistant Pastor in his local Church, Pastor Steven moved on to focus on writing Christian Publications. In the future, he hopes to write The Tribulation Soldier, his newest Series of Fictional, Military EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, as a 2.5 Million Word Series. But despite continuing pastoral work and writing, Steven remains devoted to his children, enjoying his family life with caravan holidays in the Highlands, fishing, canoeing and his favourite pastime, riding his motorbike through the Scottish countryside.