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The Tribulation Soldier Coms Forum is a multi-national community of independent Christian Ministries, working together to provide Online Fellowship, support and advice. With qualified, proven Pastors and Elders from countries such as Africa, the UK, the USA,  Nepal, Pakistan and more, they’ll be available to share their knowledge and experience to this Generation of people. So whether a person knows Jesus or they’re searching, this online forum will provide those answers, through friendly fellowship, from trusted men and women of God.

Online Forums work a little differently and even more so when it comes to a Christian Social Platform. So it’s important that the below guidelines are read, understood and fully agreed with, before moving forward.   If you’re under the legal age of your home country, then please ask your parent, guardian or pastor permission before using this platform. If you have any questions, please post them on the open board at ‘join our forum,’ we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Ministry Advertisement – From the outset, this forum is not to be used for advertising ministries or raising funds for projects. The users of this platform have joined to have social and times of fellowship. This forum will become fully add free, with only our authorized members sharing any projects.
  2. Text Only – This forum has been designed to be a great environment for support, teaching and advising and many users come from remote areas where they have limited data and internet access. So, this forum is a text-only forum, with no videos or images, other than the image of you for your profile. A user can, however, copy and paste an image or video URL, in the toolbar or a post, which will display these types of media.
  3. Your Profile – We suggest that you only provide minimal information in your profile, like your country of origin rather than regions and addresses. We would expect that you have one account with no alias using your first and surname with no alias such as christchild123, using a photo of you that you’re happy with.
  4. Introduce Yourself – Once a profile is built, you’re then free to enter the Generation Jesus Forum, firstly by briefly introducing yourself or if you’re a Christian, by sharing your brief testimony of how you became a believer. There you should receive a warm welcome from our forum overseers and members.
  5. Check out the News – Next, we would encourage you to view briefly the next board to check out the latest forum news. This is where you can find out all about upgrades and changes to the forum and catch up with where we’re at as things grow and move forward. Also, you can view the instructions of Proboards, who are the host of the Generation Jesus Forum.
  6. Common Questions – Once the forum news has been checked out, you’ll find the next board contains some of the most commonly asked Christian questions along with the conclusive answers to these subjects. So I’m sure if you look through, you’ll find some questions which will catch your eye and of course you can refer back to these later.
  7. Have a Look Around – After this stage, you can either enter the International board of the forum or go directly to the board which represents your region of the world. There you’ll see some of the discussions taking place, so that you can become familiar with the forum environment, seeing how things look and work.
  8. Meet the Team – Next, if you haven’t already, you can enter your nation’s board so that you can meet the Pastoral Team. These groups of experienced Christians come from local church ministry who support the board and will be hugely happy to meet you.
  9. Forum Guidelines – One of the first questions they will ask is, have you understood and agreed with our statement of faith, forum sermon and guidelines. Now, these guidelines are a must but the statement of faith and forum sermon are not required for those who may not necessarily believe They are a must for any Christian entering the forum. These are the core truths of the Christian faith.
  10. What Church – Again, this question does not apply to those who may not necessarily believe or who are seeking and this next question asked will be, what local church do you attend? Each and every book in the new testament was written to churches or overseers of churches, so it’s important you let the overseers of your nation’s board know so that they can know where you are as a Christian.
  11. Let your Pastor Know – We would strongly suggest that if you are attending a local church, that you let your local church pastoral team know that you’re part of an online Christian community forum. If you’ve joined this forum as one who may not necessarily believe and not attending a church, please let the Pastoral Team of your region’s board know. These overseers are experienced, trusted Christians who devote their time in the service of others, willing to talk to you and accept you for who you are.
  12. Enjoy yourself – So, now it’s time where you can get going and enter or post some discussion and meet some new friends from around the globe. It has to be said from the outset not to feel too shy. We operate a zero tolerance for any bullying and aggressive type behavior, so you should feel comfortable to open up and enjoy yourself. But everything takes time and the more time you spend on the forum, the more you’ll become relaxed in the environment.
  13. The Correct Boards – This forum has been designed to contain subjects within the boards of this for, so we would encourage users to post questions, answer questions and create threads in the correct boards to avoid any confusion. If a topic becomes personal between users, we would ask that you take the conversation to the personal messaging system.
  14. Start your own thread – At some stage, you’ll feel confident to begin a thread of your own, which is your thread to oversee. Generally, on a forum, you take ownership of the thread with other users respecting this. You can share anything from what’s going on the world, to asking for advice and prayer. Also from subjects such as relationships, dating, marriage and scriptural discussions. So it’s important that a member feels free to discuss so that all may benefit.
  15. Forum Moderators – As you know, this forum has local church pastors and experienced Christians who act as moderators on this forum. They monitor discussions and have the power to intervene, warn members and delete posts and thread. These Christians are on the forum to guide, teach and in some cases protect and we would ask that their decisions be respected at all times. They can also view the personal messaging system, so if you have a private subject you wish to discuss, please take it to your personal social media account.
  16. Aggressive Behaviour – As mentioned earlier, this forum operates a Zero Tolerance for bullying and aggressive behavior. If you witness or are subject to any kind of behavior which intimidates you, please let the pastoral team of the board know, for this to be dealt with.
  17. Spirited Debates – We would actively encourage spirited debates and we can certainly become passionate and excitable about certain subjects. So in light of this, we would ask users to be careful in the way they word questions or responses, as to not cause another user any distress. A smiley face goes a long way!

Now for the Tough Stuff

Zero Tolerance – Offensive users who bully or are aggressive toward other members, will have their membership terminated and in serious cases, their IP Address will be logged and reported to their internet provider. This is a zero tolerance policy to protect members from ungodly behavior and I’m sure our forum members would welcome this approach.

Moderators – In light of the above, the overseers of this forum have the power to delete comments, posts, and threads, as well as delete a member’s profile at any time, without warning or explanation.

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