The Wedding Day 2002 – Testimony #13

The Wedding Day 2002

Important Message – We’ve been populating our Blog Page as we’ve continued to build our online ministry over the course of 2018, for the official launch in 2019. Now, this will be the last personal testimony article for a few weeks, while I go for surgery starting on the 12th of November. However, as always, our eBooks can be downloaded automatically 24/7 from any of our eBookshop pages which include Amazon, Nook and Kobo. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to visit our ministry Facebook page @pastorstevenandsharon, where I’ll be sharing a Surgery Video Diary, as part of our personal social media, of the whole experience. Also, we’ll continue to build by adding some more social media videos and updates, which include our motorbike vlog and messages from me. God bless and I hope you enjoy!

We were blessed to be saved and baptized in our local church and now, all of our family, friends and church mates were together to witness the unusual event of Sharon and I being married. The reason it was so unusual for many, was that they knew just how much of a disaster our history had been and they couldn’t quite understand. Some said this was a mistake, others said this will fail in no time and even now, I completely understand why some would say these things. But we knew, that we had a new chapter now, and it was a history of God saving us 6 months before and restoring our lives.

So, we had a simple wedding, a simple gathering afterwards and a simple honeymoon in a romantic little cottage on the edge of a Scottish loch. On the second night, Sharon fell asleep on the sofa in front of the open fire and I looked at her, and at that moment, I couldn’t take in how pretty she was and why God would give me someone like her. But what was even more amazing, was the thought of where we’d been only months before, where we could have strangled each other! It was just one of those moments, but in the space of six months, God had taken us very far indeed with lots more to come.

When a person comes to Christ, then they are in fact a new creature and from then on, the history book of their lives take on a new chapter where anything is possible. If you doubt me, then keep reading these testimonies of events, that only God could accomplish!

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