What will be the Mortal Wound of the Antichrist? – End Times

The Mortal Wound of the Antichrist

What will be the Mortal Wound of the Antichrist?

(Rev 13:3) “…and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded unto death, and his deadly wound was healed, and all of the world wondered after the beast…”

The antichrist’s mortal wound is actually a very important teaching within the tribulation period. This wound will be spectacularly healed, probably by the false prophet and many of the population of the earth will be amazed and worship him. In the middle of the tribulation period, this will give him worldwide authority to execute his underlying plans. The mortal wound being healed is two-fold; an actual bodily wound like a head/brain injury and a revival of the re-birthed Roman Empire. A head wound would be more likely because of the complexity of the human brain, with people marveling at such a miracle, being astonished at his recovery, leaving him free to become the world’s Emperor.

IN THE TRIBULATION SOLDIER – It’s clear that this wound is inflicted by some kind of accident or assassination attempt, so in our series we’ll go with both, to illustrate the before, during and after, of this pivotal event within the tribulation world.

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