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 (2 Timothy 3:16-17) “…..all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.  That the man of God be complete, thoroughly furnished for all good works….”

The First Principles and Oracles of God

The First Principles are more than just a single teaching, so as a result, this guide has been composed as a further study aid to those following the Milk of the Word Audios. This guide will hopefully benefit a reader advising, instructing and answering the main questions about these teachings.

Questions Answered

How should I prepare myself?

This is probably the most important question of all, simply because we all find ourselves at different stages and circumstances in our Christian walks. However, the principles of preparation remain the same throughout. As Christians, we don’t need to rely on our own limited intellect (thankfully), instead, we always have to recognize our need for the Holy Spirit to guide, interpret and ultimately make God’s Word take root in our hearts. So, I’d suggest taking a few minutes in prayer beforehand, to quieten our minds. When we acknowledge our need, God by His Spirit, impresses upon us the revelation we need and makes clear what He’s saying to our hearts.

How long should I study this teaching?

This is a teaching will never change and it’s something we can refer to again and again. However, to begin with, I believe it’s important that an individual takes a season aside to study these teachings, before moving on to greater teachings and here’s why.  This audio series is one complete teaching, broken down into its component parts, to make it easy to understand. Each of those teachings gels together to form one, complete foundation, so if it’s something we go back and forth to, we might not fully receive all of the teachings it has to offer.  So, I’d suggest taking a season out, so please find below some study ideas.

One teaching a week over an eleven week period

Two or three teachings per week over a few weeks

 Or just study the teaching from start to finish in one week

It’s a bit of a balance to strike; too short a period may not be enough and too long, might be confusing, so it would be entirely up to the individual.

Do these teachings need to be studied in order?

This teaching is a subject broken down into its component parts and forms a seamless foundation when studied together, so my answer would be a most definite yes, study them in order. Here’s an example to illustrate my point. One of the most crucial teachings, which comes later in this study, is ‘Growing in Grace’ but if we don’t take time to study Grace itself, as well as the work and purpose of the Holy Spirit, the Growing in Grace teachings might not be so effective. So I would highly recommend following these teachings in order.

Should I study any other teachings during this season?

Again, everyone is different and at various stages of their personal Christian walk, so there’s no real hard and fast rules. However, The First Principles Audio Sermons are a large teaching with many aspects of scripture to consider.  In light of that, my advice would be to lay aside, just for a time, some of the other activities we’d normally do, such as daily readings and books, to focus fully on the subject.  This would be one of the best ways to receive the very best revelation and understanding from the First Principles, but above all, to allow the Holy Spirit complete freedom to impact you as an individual.

Can it be studied as a couple, family or group?

This teaching was originally taught publicly in 2010, so yes, it’s very effective in a group as well as personally, but again, it all depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

Is there Study Support available from the Author?

These Audio Sermons have been taught simply and clearly to explain these teachings as fully as possible. However, there may be some areas to which an individual might have questions. During your season of study, you can post a comment or question on our Forum.

Author Advice

Test all things in the light of Scripture

Although these teachings have been a lot of hard work, studied over a period of years, in the original texts and publicly taught, allowing others to scrutinize, I would still ask our readers to test the teachings for themselves in God’s Word and in prayer. This isn’t due to any lack of confidence in the teachings, rather a scriptural encouragement so you, the reader, can have confidence in the Lord’s Word, as well as to give the Holy Spirit time to speak to your own heart.

Let the Holy Spirit be your Guide

As a Pastor and Author, I believe I’ve taken every measure possible to ensure that these teachings are indeed as accurate as they can be. However, it’s only the Holy Spirit who can truly reveal to our hearts the true revelations of God. With that in mind, I would strongly encourage that any of our readers, employ whatever effort required, to listen with an open heart and give the Lord’s Spirit good ground on which to plant the seeds of growth. This is something only the individual can do and we hope our readers would take this step, to receive everything available through these subjects.

Accept or Reject

We all have a responsibility in our own Christian lives to test what people say and what they teach and the wise rule always remains the best option, to either accept a teaching or reject it, rather than engage in an unfruitful debate. Websites, emails, and blogs by their very nature, are limited and many of these scriptural debates are better done in person to avoid ungodly disputes. So as a website, we won’t enter into long debates. Not only can some debates be ungodly, they can be time-consuming and more importantly, take attention away from those in real need.

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