The Long Brick Wall 2004 – Testimony #21

The Long Brick Wall

The Long Brick Wall

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One day, not long before I fell seriously ill, I had a vision of me coming to a place where there was a wall blocking my path. And this wall stretched as far as the eye could see with no way over or around. But then I saw the other side and looking at that side of the wall, I could see what it meant and what it taught me. At the other side, there was green grass as far as the eye could see, with me running, totally free. This was quite concerning and I wasn’t too sure what it meant, however, my mother came down to the house and told me that she had a vision and a word from God for me.

She said that she saw me banging my head off a brick wall. Then, a riddling tool, removing all the dirt to leave behind white smooth stones. And the last part of her word, was of me chasing butterflies in a green field. Yes, very similar indeed. But little did we know, that I was about to fall seriously ill and in the end, I certainly experienced that freedom from both visions, but it would be four years before I’d see it. God had given as clear and confirmed word as possible which would help me over those years knowing that at first, I’d experience that feeling of banging my head against a wall. Then, I’d see the other side of that wall and find out exactly what the trial was for. And the final, that he would indeed heal me and give me that freedom in the end.

This event was pretty amazing and it had to be. Bad times, maybe not as extreme as four years of illness, will come and God had laid out a framework of reassurances, which he knew I’d need in a big way if I was going to physically, mentally and emotionally get through that huge trial. Many people asked me why I had hope and of course, my answer was faith in Jesus Christ. But what they couldn’t see, was the reality of what God can do and what he does in a person’s life. Did that faith stand up 100%, no way! I failed far more many times than I succeeded, but success wasn’t the point. It was God ridding me of the dirt and replacing with precious stones.

The Long Brick Wall
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