The Doctrine of Baptisms – Christian Back to Basics #3

The First Principles of the Oracles of God

Doctrine of Baptisms – Sermon Notes

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Now we come to the third of the six foundational doctrines found in the book of Hebrews, clearly defined in the plural sense indicating more than one. Upon examining Scripture, three can be found – the Baptism in the Blood, the Baptism of Water and the Baptism of the Spirit.

Firstly an examination of the word baptism or to baptise; the word itself is unusual, not an English word but a Greek word. The word baptise was inserted into the English language during the King James Bible translations. Broken down to its root meaning, the word is ‘Bapto’ or to ‘to dip.’ This word is only found three times in the New Testament.

(Rev 19:34) “…He (Jesus) was clothed in a robe dipped (bapto) in BLOOD…”

(Luke 16:24) “…Father Abraham, have mercy upon me and send Lazarus that he may dip (bapto) the tip of his finger in WATER and cool my tongue…”

(John 13:26) “…it is to whom I shall give a piece of bread when I havedipped (bapto) it in OIL…”

The word baptism (bapto) is then properly translated ‘to dip something wholly into fluid and take it back out again’ – ‘to cause something to be dipped’ – ‘to dip.’ This then must be understood to be the full immersion in fluid and then taken back out.

In relation to Christian baptisms – full immersion in fluid – there are three contained within the Scriptures, three which were first foreshown in the consecration (setting apart) of Levitical Priests in the Old Testament. Men were set apart into the sacred Office of Priesthood to serve in God’s Tabernacle.

The Priest (Moses) took Aaron and his sons and washed them with WATER. He then dressed them anointing them by pouring OIL over their heads. An animal was then sacrificed in accordance with God’s instruction. The BLOOD was taken and touched on three places on the Priest’s body – his right ear, his right thumb and his right toe.

The three elements had very clear and distinct purposes in the qualification for the priesthood.

The oil – setting and anointing the individual for the priesthood.

The water – symbolic of spiritual cleansing.

The blood – on the right ear (to listen to God’s voice), on the right thumb (to do the works of his hands) and finally his right toe (to walk in his ways).

In the same manner, the new covenant baptisms are for the purpose of setting apart an individual into the Priesthood of Christ. Three separate distinct events.

The Baptism of the Blood – (Gal 3:27) “…for as many of you have been baptised into Christ have put on Christ…” The first of the Christian baptisms occurring the moment an individual puts their faith in Jesus Christ. By Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, we have become dead to the old and alive in the new.

The Baptism of Water – (Acts 8:36) “…see here is water, what hinders me to be baptised? And Phillip said, if you believe with all your heart, you may…” Having put one’s faith in God, the literal baptism of water can then take place. This is where the believer is immersed fully water and then taken back out again. This symbolises something which has already occurred within in death, burial and resurrection. This moment should occur when an individual has a good conscience towards God.

The Baptism of the Spirit – (Mark 1:8) “…for I (John) indeed baptise you with water: but He (Jesus) will baptise you with the Holy Ghost (Spirit)” John the Baptist spoke of the coming of Christ, where He would baptise in the power of the Holy Spirit. An event which takes place in an individual’s life when God, by His power, gives an individual empowerment to carry out His will and his word. This moment occurs when the heart is in a place where there is a willingness and surrender to God for Him to use them.

Baptism in every sense is total and transitional – total in that it involves the whole personality. Transitional in that represents a passing from one place to another.

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