TESTIMONY #8 – The John Paul Jackson Prophecy

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The John Paul Jackson Prophecy

For me, those early months as a Christian were very difficult at times as God straightened things out and told me some home truths. There were high moments and low moments, but all the way through he was working for my good. But that wasn’t easy to see at the time. The night before my 26th birthday, I had a vision, of me standing on the sea and the shoreline was covered in rough diamonds. As the tide went in and out, I could see that the diamonds were smoothing and then, once all the sharp edges were worn away by the sea water, I could then walk from the sea to the shore, with ease.

The next night, we attended a meeting hosted by a visiting American preacher called John Paul Jackson. He preached a great message and from my little seat at the back, I was hurriedly writing notes. Unbeknown to me, he had finished his sermon and was now about to share prophecies with the people in the room. However, I still hadn’t noticed, but his first message was for me and Sharon. Now despite having backslid from Jesus, I knew all too well that Jesus did in fact heal, speak to you through others and work in your life on a deep level. But I didn’t realize that the following message would change our lives forever.

He began by telling us things about ourselves as individuals that no one could have possibly known. This proved to us that this was indeed a word from God. John-Paul, now dearly departed, told us that God was calling us to the ministry and that we were called to preach to all the nations as an evangelist. He went on in a little detail, but I sat there trying to take in what I’d just been told. That vision beforehand, of being prepared first, John-Paul knowing things he couldn’t have known, convinced us and changed the course of lives and this encounter still guiding us today.

Encountering the true living God in your life alters the path you take, sometimes in dramatic ways. But these moments show us, that God is indeed very real indeed, capable of reaching into our lives and changing our minds from confusion to peace, as we experience his great love. This message back in 2002 changed us and if he would do this for us, then he will do it for anyone.

The John Paul Jackson Prophecy Image

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