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Why so many Christian Denominations?


Like any other group of people, Christian Assemblies have been given freedom to follow God and to practice their faith in the way that they interpret the Holy Scriptures. There are varying degrees of success, which can range from those who have some of it right, to those who have much of it right, with all the others in between.  It’s from this freedom of choice, that we have so many denominations, however, God tells us in 1st Corinthians 3, that we are to take care, on how we build upon Christ’s foundation and on that day of judgment, every man’s work will be tried, to see if it was of God.  God tells us, that for those who’ve built with straw, hay, and stubble, their works would be burned up with fire, but they would be saved and to those who built up with silver and gold, their work would remain.

Denominations or differing views about God and Jesus have been around ever since the birth of the Church, they remain today and I’m sure they’ll be around until the day of Christ’s return. So what’s important for us as believers, is to have a healthy attitude toward this question. You see, God thinks very differently to us and we need to understand, that our human nature would say “well, why doesn’t God just come down and clean house?” and that’s a fair statement. However, God’s ways are not our ways. What God tells us, is that when the field of wheat was sown, the enemy came and sowed tares into that field by night and when the laborers came to tell the master, the master gave them this order; to not remove tares, but leave them in until the day of the harvest. The master went on, to give the reason, saying that by pulling out the tares, good wheat could be uprooted, so it’s better to leave the tares in until that day.

Jesus was, of course, referring to the Church as the field and the reason for leaving the tares in, was to be careful not to uproot those good believers, who might be close by and this is the best example I could give for the question of denominations. Friends, it’s His Church to guide, grow and judge, so let your attitude be this; make a difference in where ever God has set you in His Body, building with gold and silver leaving the judgment of His Church to Him. Denominations will likely be around for a long time, whether people like it or not, so friends again, I’d say just leave it to Jesus and live your Christian life within God will, plan and purposes for your own life and remember this; Jesus wants all of us to love His Church, just like He does. I hope that this has simply and surely answered this question.

Why so many Christian Denominations? ********** Why so many Christian Denominations? ********* Why so many Christian Denominations? ******* Why so many Christian Denominations? ******* Why so many Christian Denominations? ******** Why so many Christian Denominations? ******

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