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Our New Youtube Channel


As we mentioned in our previous News and Info Update, we’re concentrating on building our offline stock with articles and videos during this stage of the build.  This is good timing at the moment, especially for me, as I’m going through a difficult stage of my own personal surgery rehab. If you’re reading this for the first time, the basic story is that a simple hernia surgery went badly wrong with five days on a breathing machine and a month in the hospital. This was last November and the general thought was that it would take me six to twelve months to recover both physically and mentally, so filming videos at the moment is a great distraction.

It has been good and opened a door where we’re in the process of building our own Youtube channel called the Birnie Family. In this, we hope to share a little something for everyone with not only our Motorbike Vlogs, Scottish Tours and Mega Kids, but to include videos such as Home improvement, Cars, Bikes & Boats, and other practical videos. This has been a lot of fun and so far we’ve built David a bedroom, constructed a small studio in the house and resurrected our Honda Fireblade motorbike. As we continue, more ideas seem to present themselves, so we’re really looking forward to how it develops, especially with longer-term video series such as our garden deck project and Suzuki Bandit motorbike rebuilt.

But in the end, my recovery is paramount at the moment. It’s always been on the up, however, at this stage, I’m struggling with sleep and routine which is throwing my mind around, so it’s very difficult at times to concentrate. There’s been great improvement though and I’m slowly finding it easier and easier to fall asleep and my bodily nerves seem to be calming down. So, we’ll just keep pushing! The Youtube channel is in its early stages, but any visitor or reader is more than welcome to check it out. Just click on the Amber Youtube icon on our social media bar, which will take you straight through and if you have any questions, please message us on our Pastor Steven and Sharon Facebook Page!

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Our New Youtube Channel
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About Steven Birnie

Steven Birnie is a former local Church Minister and the author of Christian publications which include non-fiction, fictional and teaching eBooks with audio sermons. From the north-east coast of Scotland, Pastor Steven is married to Sharon and together, they have two young children called Emily and David. After seven years of training, three years of overseeing youth and young adults and, three years of being the Assistant Pastor in his local Church, Pastor Steven moved on to focus on writing Christian Publications. In the future, he hopes to write The Tribulation Soldier, his newest Series of Fictional, Military EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, as a 2.5 Million Word Series. But despite continuing pastoral work and writing, Steven remains devoted to his children, enjoying his family life with caravan holidays in the Highlands, fishing, canoeing and his favourite pastime, riding his motorbike through the Scottish countryside.