The End Times Timeline in the Tribulation Soldier

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The key which unlocks any revelation contained within God’s Word is working from the ‘ground-up’ to build a full and strong understanding of any given subject. For this subject, the key to the understanding the end times, including the two ages we’ll focus on in detail, is knowing the sequence of events in the end times timeline. To understand the end times timeline, you need solid ‘waypoints’ from throughout the Bible, which cannot be moved by any other teaching, so that we can ‘bend human theories to suit God’s Facts’ rather than ‘bend God’s Facts to suit our theories.’  The latter, ‘bending God’s Facts to suit our theories,’ is precisely the reason why there is so much contention, confusion, and conflict about the many questions which surround the end times timeline. However, when you know the true and the immovable key of the sequence of events, any individual can find an unshakable confidence in God’s Word and find a true peace about their future.

So what’s the key? The key comes from applying three immovable events which will take place in our future in the form of the ‘Three Scenes of Eternal Judgement’ revealed in God’s Word. The Doctrine of ‘Eternal Judgements’ is a bedrock, Milk of the Word teaching highlighted in Hebrews Six, as one of the Foundational Teachings of God’s Word. These three events, give us those ‘God Facts’ and way-points, which cannot be bent or misshapen by human wisdom. Now, if you don’t immediately understand the below, don’t worry, these teachings take quite a bit of study.

The first event below hasn’t taken place yet but will occur at an unknown date in the future. 

The Three Scenes of Eternal Judgement

The First: The Judgement Seat of Christ or ‘The Bema’ (2nd Cor 5:10)

This is the Seat for the righteous living and dead, where Jesus will judge, but not punish, every believer who has ever lived, ushering in their Eternal Life in Him. This scene takes place when Jesus ‘catches away’ (Raptures) His living Church and resurrects the righteous bodies from the ground.  This leaves those in hell, to be resurrected 1007 years later, at The Great White Throne.  This is when the ‘Seven Year Marriage Feast of the Lamb’ will begin lasting seven years in heaven, while on earth, those left behind will endure the ‘Seven Year Tribulation Period.’ After which, Jesus will return to earth at His ‘Second Coming’ to judge the Living Nations at the Throne of His Glory and reign for a 1000 years.

At the end of the Seven Year Marriage Feast (in Heaven) and 7-year Tribulation Period (on earth)…

The Second: The Throne of His Glory (Matt 25:11)

This Seat of Judgement takes place on the day of the Second Coming of Christ, after having spent seven years at the Marriage Feast. The earth at this point will have endured the Seven Year Tribulation, seeing the ‘Seven Seals of Judgement’ opened, the Seven Trumpets sounded and the ‘Seven Vials’ of the last plagues having been poured out upon the earth. This is where Jesus will rescue Israel and judge the Living Nations at the Throne of His Glory, separating His Sheep (believers) from the goats (the unbelieving), ushering in His earthly reign of 1000 years.

At the end of the 1000 years…

The Third: The Great White Throne (Rev 20:11)

This is the final judgement carried out by God the Father in which He opens the Book of Life upon every single living and dead soul, whoever lived in unbelief. This Judgement comes at the end of the 1000-year reign of Christ, following Satan being loosed for a time and the battle of Gog and Magog. This ends with every unrighteous soul, the antichrist, the false prophet, satan and death and hell, being thrown into the ‘Lake of Fire’ separating evil from good, once and for all. After which, every believer who has ever lived will spend an Eternal Rest with Him in Glory…

The above is the result of many years of study, examining the original texts, taking a full view of the scriptures, considering what the old testament prophets said, what’s contained in the gospels and the epistles and of course, the book of Revelations. It’s this scriptural timeline, which we’ll follow throughout our Tribulation Soldier Series and we hope we’ll illustrate much of the above throughout our storyline. These teachings can take time to take in, but they’re vital to understanding what’s about to come.

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