Deliverance from Lust – Testimony #17

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Deliverance from Lust

I was about a quarter of the way through my seven year stretch of God removing the consequences of my years of backsliding and it was time for deliverance number three. It began as it always did, with me feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, coming to the stage where I knew that God was stirring me up. So, I headed to a friends house and asked them if they’d pray with me to see what was happening. In many respects, we knew what the subject was but what we didn’t know, was why lust had become such a problem over the course of my life. As I’d left the house that night though, I experienced the impression, of a sentence saying ‘tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’

That evening began in the same way, with prayer, quieting ourselves and looking to God. This friend knew me well and before long, the moment where the spirit of lust entered my life became apparent as God revealed the truth. It was a moment in my teenage years when after a party, I’d walked in on my friend’s parent with another woman. It was a huge shock and I simply couldn’t believe what was happening. However, after he left and she remained, I headed through to speak to her. She was very upset because the relationship was over and I did what I could to console her, but it took a little time and it was clear that this relationship had been going on for some time.

I explained this situation to my friend during that deliverance experience and as it turned out, my friend knew this woman quite well. He knew that she was an extremely attractive woman, but she didn’t just have looks and personality, she had what very few women have, a deep spirit of lust. I don’t know how many people come across this type of woman in life, with that deep-seated attraction which makes them irresistible, to the point that she could easily possess a man’s mind. Everything about her screamed sexuality, with a magnetic speech that captivated any hearer. Just then, I realized why this friend’s parent, had an affair with her.

That deliverance evening, I had that deep impression about telling my friend the whole truth of what happened that night and there was nothing else for it. That night, I kissed her for a short time and if it hadn’t been for people being in the house that night, I would have definitely gone much further. I remember it so well, I didn’t care about her husband or children. I didn’t care about my friend or his parent, all I wanted to do, was be with this woman. As I explained this to my friend, it was now abundantly clear that this was the moment where the spirit of lust had become a problem.

A simple prayer with the laying on of hands took place that night and in it, I saw just how evil my heart had really been. That no matter whether she was a temptress or not, I simply hadn’t cared about anyone else, not even her, to satisfy myself and that was the big issue.  As always with God, when something like the spirit of lust is taken care of, the effects can be seen throughout your life. In my case, my mind and desires began to change toward Sharon, where sex wasn’t a purely lustful experience, but a whole new experience, filled with love, care, and tenderness. God removing this dirty part of my heart gave way to a new aspect of our marriage and we’ve never looked back.

Deliverance from Lust Image

Deliverance from Lust /// Deliverance from Lust /// Deliverance from Lust ///
Deliverance from Lust /// Deliverance from Lust ///

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