Coronavirus Keyworker Childcare Standby – News and Info

Coronavirus Keyworker Childcare

LATEST NEWS – We’ll be running a reduced schedule of videos and articles during the Coronavirus situation, however, we have a large online library of many videos spread across our YouTube channels!

Coronavirus Keyworker Childcare


Firstly guys, big prayers for any of you who are being affected by the Coronavirus. This situation is like nothing we’ve seen for decades and obviously a very concerning time. Like many, we have elderly and family members with underlying health conditions, so we’re all taking the necessary precautions.

Here in our part of Scotland, it’s now lock-down time in the UK and other than shopping, outdoor exercise and essential trips for things like medicine, we’re pretty much in the house. Also, we run a childcare service from our home and despite many businesses being limited or temporarily closing, we’re open at the moment for the parents of the children we take care of, who are going to work in essential areas. This puts us on standby to take any children of keyworkers, such as food store staff and nurses so that mums or dads can go to the hospitals, schools and police stations. So it looks as though that’s going to be our role for the next little while.

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On our online platform side of things, many services such as YouTube and Facebook are limited making regular posts, especially videos, a little more difficult but it’s not stopped altogether. Because of all the schools closing, we have David and Emily here and although we’re keeping them up to speed with the Coronavirus situation, we’re trying to keep things as normal as possible. This includes continuing to build their ‘Birnie Family Fun’ Kid’s YouTube channel, filling it with videos such as 24-hour challenges and some outdoor activities. They’re having great fun and it’s certainly brightening up our time.

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I must say though, that in regards to our other videos, we don’t really feel much like filming vlogs, tours and DIY videos. Fun videos are great for the kids, but everyone is being affected in some way at the moment and we think it’s very important to have ‘all hands on deck’ for this uncertain next few weeks. Again for us, I think we’ll just have to play it by ear in making decisions and take everything as it comes. We’ll continue the build and share some posts, mostly on our Steven and Sharon Facebook and of course David and Emily’s channel until we know more.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are toward everyone dealing with this Coronavirus situation. And, huge prayers and thanks toward all of the keyworkers who are putting themselves at risk to provide services for us and contain this virus.

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Coronavirus Keyworker Childcare
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