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Audio Suite – The Tribulation Soldier


(Psalm 127:1)  “….Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it, except the Lord guard the city, the watchman will watch in vain…..” 

The First Principles of the Oracles of God are a largely forgotten, but crucial teaching within the Word of God. Sometimes called the foundational doctrine, these teachings provide the very basic, ‘Milk of the Word’ revelations, to give a Christian, a solid and sure foundation for their Christian lives. The audios you’re about to hear, are those vital teachings, which I taught back in 2010 and I’ve carried on preaching throughout my years as a Pastor. As a series of brief sermons, they were the result of many years of exhaustive study and seasons of public preaching, allowing Christians from many backgrounds, to scrutinize. This was done to ensure that the teachings you’re about to hear, would be as pure and as accurate as possible, to give you, the very best foundation in your Christian life.

There’s no need to download these audios because you can listen to these teachings online completely FREE. So, just click on the # BLUE HASHTAG of the first teaching and follow the others in sequence. In addition, you can visit the Open Board of our Free Forum to ask any questions or become a full member, so you can enjoy the full set of study notes to accompany these sermons. God bless you and please don’t forget to connect with us on the social media platform of your choice. Pastor Steven Birnie.




#1 Repentance from Dead Works – 41min >>>


#2 Faith Toward God – 30min >>>


#3 Doctrine of Baptisms – 24min >>>


#4 Laying on of Hands – 26min >>>


#5 Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgements – 34min >>>


#6 Lazarus and Suffering – 40min >>>


#7 Salvation and Benefits – 33min >>>


#8 Regeneration and Renewal of the Holy Ghost 40min >>>


#9 Grace and Law – 31min >>>


#10 Growing in Grace – 51min >>>


#11 Knowing Him 52min >>>


This feature is completely free to use online, however permission must be obtained before any reproductions.

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