An Explanation of the Gospel – End Times

An Explanation of the Gospel

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An Explanation of the Gospel


The Gospel Message of Jesus and the Cross was what everything the Old Testament was leading up to and His Sacrifice was the result of everything we find in the New Testament. There is quite simply, no higher teaching or important doctrine, no not one, than that of Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice on the Cross. No matter how much we’d seek God or apply all of the aspects of interpreting the scriptures, we’ll not find a greater truth, than that of the Father’s plan for the salvation for mankind, carried out by His dear Son, Jesus Christ. Those who’ve put their faith and faith alone in the finished work of Jesus, already have the greatest revelation the Word of God has to offer and it’s this great revelation, which remains a constant throughout the Tribulation Soldier Series.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Irrespective of belief or viewpoint, that day 2000 years ago, when God poured out His anger against sin, upon the sinless substitute for our sin, was the most important day in the history of mankind. Everything rode upon the success and the willingness of the Son, to carry out the Father’s will to its fullest. In that, Jesus would indeed pay that price for me and for you, by not only dying on the Cross but by living out each and every day of His life, from His birth to His death in thought, word and deed, obeying every precept and law of God. This He did on our behalf, purchasing all of the rewards and benefits available to us from God, including true reconciliation to Him, complete forgiveness of sins, adoption into the Family of God, freedom from the law, true liberty, an indwelling of His Spirit and, Eternal Life in Him. All given by His divine unmerited favor through faith in the Son.

This leads us to the point and purpose of the Gospel, which God confirmed through the words of Jesus Christ, Paul the Apostle and Peter the Apostle; that we might know Him, the only true God and His Son Jesus Christ. This is and always has been the purpose of the Gospel, brought to light by the Holy Spirit, that mankind would know the God who created them and have the opportunity through faith and faith alone, to have a sure, maturing and personal relationship with Him. Now today, anyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ regardless of race, colour, age, whether male or female, Gentile or Jew, educated or uneducated, can indeed experience a true and real encounter with God, living all the days of their lives experiencing Him with a promise, that He will indeed give us an Eternal Life in Him.

The above is that great Gospel Message and without Jesus and the Gospel, we’d have nothing to write or explain through our fictional characters. So, quite naturally, this subject is the greatest thread, which runs as a constant throughout our series of fictional Christian eBooks. From God leading men to Himself, to Him saving them and revealing Himself, we try to touch on every aspect, to illustrate this Great Message and God’s Heart toward the mankind He loves so dearly. This aspect of our eBooks will be a major focus in the third and final part of the main Tribulation Soldier Series eBooks and it’s the hope, that all will enjoy the scenes of salvation.

An Explanation of the Gospel

An Explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ******* An Explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ********** An Explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ********** An Explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ *******

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