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A Description of the Antichrist

(Rev 13:1) “…and I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven horns, and upon his horns seven crowns, and upon his heads the name blasphemy…”

The antichrist is a figure known as the beast who will rise after the catching away of the church at the very beginning of the tribulation. But, it must be understood, that there are many antichrists in the world today, both public and working in the shadows, acting for the forces of darkness. ‘THE’ antichrist, will not rise until the tribulation as he, his father satan and his false prophet, go about to put their evil plans into action. We know from the scriptures that he’ll be a political figure, with a genius mind and a shining personality, deceiving the population of the earth and speaking against God.
He’ll desire to be above God, proving with signs and wonders that there’s nothing to fear, after having lost so many in the rapture. For the first three and a half years of the tribulation, he and the false prophet will act as the white knights to save humanity from their destruction, but all the while, he’ll set his plans in motion for worldwide rule.

In the mid-tribulation, he’ll receive a mortal wound, but when that wound is healed, the world will look to him, giving him rule over the human race. However, this action is the beginning of the end for him and his armies, as the world continues to be pounded by God’s judgments from above. In the end, he’ll be killed and his regime destroyed by the coming of Christ.

THE TRIBULATION SOLDIER – The antichrist in our Tribulation Soldier Series, is a fictional character called Judea Ben-Zion, in whom our main character Matt meets more than once. We’ll follow everything he does according to the scriptures and show what these effects will be.

A description of the antichrist

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