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The First Principles of the Oracles of GodRepentance from Dead Works – Sermon Notes MARCH BLOG NEWS – “…This is the first in a ten-part series of sermon notes to accompany the teaching videos on our website. To watch the video, please visit our Tribulation Soldier Coms Facebook Page…” Repentance […]

Repentance from Dead Works – Back to Basics #1

Repentance from Dead Works
A Christian Testimony of Salvation and Backsliding This marks the beginning of a series of articles to continue populating our blog with not only end times articles, but teachings, answers to common Christian questions and this one, which we’re about to start. Along with our Monday end times articles, we’ll […]

TESTIMONY #1 – A Christian Testimony of Salvation and Backsliding

The Portrayal of Jesus in Christian Fiction THE TRIBULATION SOLDIER TEACHING  #1 A Christian who‘s come to know Jesus, will know that He’s not only their God, but their Lord, Saviour and best Friend. He’s the one who displays a full spectrum of emotions from joy to deep grief, as […]