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666 The Mark of the Beast

(Rev 13:16) “…and he (the antichrist) caused all both strong and great, rich or poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or in their forehead..”

Since the rapture or the catching away, will occur at an unknown date in the future, it’s difficult to say what the mark of the beast will be, given the technology of that time. What we do know is, that it will be administered by the false prophet on behalf of the antichrist, as a means for people to buy and sell within the tribulation period. It will be a mark, something like what we know today, as a visible or invisible barcode placed upon a person’s body, either in the hand or in the head. The codes we have today, for example, are all completely unique telling another much information about the product, so it’s clear that this mark of the beast, will be a person’s identifying mark. Those who are deceived by the antichrist will gladly receive this mark, whereas those who believe in Christ will refuse. This will cause Christians to become marginalized and separated, with no means to trade, making life extremely difficult during the tribulation.

THE TRIBULATION SOLDIER – Like all of the subjects which surround the end times, the mark of the beast will play a heavy role at some stage of our storyline, with many refusing, being put to death.

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