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The Tribulation Soldier Technical Support Guide


Tribulation Soldier Technical Support – Due to the vast range of ever-changing devices you can use to read EBooks, we’ve composed this brief Technical Support Guide which applies to our PDF publications. However, you can download our EBooks on our Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords Shop Pages.


There are very few issues which can occur when downloading our packages and below, are the only two we’ve come across over the years…

  1. The Package hasn’t arrived in my Email Account –The only way this particular issue can occur is if the end user email address has been inputted incorrectly during the purchase process and in these instances we’d ask you drop us an email and we’ll email the package to you.
  2. The Package hasn’t arrived in my Inbox – During busy periods, our packages may arrive in your spam inbox and this is mainly due to the sensitivity of some email provider’s spam filters, so if the package doesn’t arrive in your inbox, check your spam inbox.


Our EBook Packages have been made available in the simplest formats and the system we have for customer download is a straight forward process. The format and system download were chosen so our visitors, friends and customers would have as simple and as trouble free experience as possible when visiting our website. Typical download time for the EBooks is 20 seconds and an average of 6 minutes for the EBook and Audio Packages

The EBook Packages available from our Online EBookshop, are presented in a PDF format for the EBooks and an MP3 Format for the Audio Sermon Accompaniments.  Quite simply, these formats were chosen due to them being the most common and widely used format capable of operating on a variety of devices. The PDF EBooks can be easily accessed by Adobe/Acrobat Reader/MS Word or similar and the MP3 Audio Sermons can be accessed by a Home PC, Laptop and Mobile Devices.

The EBook and Audio Packages contain multiple files and they can be stored on your device in many different ways.  One suggestion would be to create a folder to contain our Package on your device so you can access with ease.

If you have an IPAD/Mobile type device, please check your device is compatible with these formats.  Most are however, they can display slightly differently depending on the device.  If your device is not capable of reading these files, you can download the EBooks on our Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords Shop Pages.

Once a visitor has completed the payment process, the package would be emailed automatically to the Home PC, Laptop, or Mobile Device through the email address provided.  Care must be taken to input the email address correctly in the purchase process as this will be the email address our automatic system uses to send the package.  If you make a mistake, don’t worry, just drop us an email at and we’ll email the package of choice to you.

These EBook Packages have been designed to be as user friendly as possible so if preferred, the EBooks can be printed onto A4 in large print, to be read as a handbook and the Audio’s can be transferred to disc so you can listen to the Audio Sermons on a DVD/CD/Audio Device.

We hope this guide has been of benefit to you and if you require any more in-depth information about formatting, please visit our friends at who have an extensive guide as well as ‘Free Converter Apps’ which you can use on other applications.


For those who are not aware, there are many blind and visually impaired individuals who use the internet on a regular basis by using clever software and hardware to help them navigate the Net. In light of this, we aim to make our website as easy to navigate as possible by keeping our texts and articles as clear as possible as well as uploading recordings to explain our website and its content.

This will be a work in progress and we will continually update our website to ensure it remains as user-friendly as possible so for those who have visual impairments, please feel free to send us any suggestions or comments which might help us make our website more accessible and easy to use.

This Technical Support Page is a work in progress Our Terms and Conditions Apply. Individuals who visit Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords or the PDF Mate Website will be subject to their T&C’s. Thank you.

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