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As a serving Local Church Pastor, I and the Elder Christians who use this Forum, have various guidelines  to follow and as such, our Forum will very much operate in accordance with God’s Word. This is to ensure that we carry out the chief cell of our Christian fellowship together, to love, respect and tolerate each other’s beliefs, so that may have spirited discussions upon the subjects we hold so dear. So in light of this, we’ve composed a brief set of Guidelines to make sure we keep our Forum as Family Friendly as possible for all to enjoy. If at any time you disagree or feel you could not adhere to these Biblical Principles then please refrain from using our Forum. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please email me direct at



1. This is a dual purpose Forum; the Customer Q&A Open Board is available to those who have downloaded our Packages and the ‘Christian Questions Answered’ Platform is available as an exclusive members only  Christian Forum. Users of the exclusive  forum are not permitted to answer customer questions and any member who attempts to contact a Tribulation Soldier  Customer will have their membership terminated. This to ensure we remain within the guidelines of Scottish Law.

2. If you are under the legal age in your home country, please ask your parent/guardian/pastor’s to view or contact our ministry and give their permission to use our Website and join our Forum.

3. Users would be expected to hold one account and have no alias, using their true name as a username i.e Pastor Steven Birnie, rather than a codename i.e  Lovechild36. We would also ask to display a picture of yourself on your profile rather than an image.

4. We would suggest that our users only provide minimal information about themselves on the Open Forum as well as on their Profile Page i.e name and country. If you do wish to pass on personal information, we would encourage a user to do so via the Forum Personal Messaging System.

5. We actively encourage ‘Spirited Debates’ about all of the subjects which affect us and as Christians, we can be excitable and passionate about our faith, however Forums, Social Sites and Texts are limited forms of communications. In light of this, we ask our users to consider carefully the way in which we word our questions and responses to ensure we don’t cause our brothers and sisters any undue distress. So, we ask our users to make every effort to consider the feelings of another to ensure that we can discuss even the most contentious subjects with love and respect….a smiley face icon goes a long way.

6. The Lord calls us to do all things decently and in order, so in light of His wisdom, we ask that users post questions, answer comments and create threads on the correct boards to avoid any confusions. If a discussion changes to another topic, we suggest users move to the board in which the subject relates, for all to learn and enjoy. If a topic becomes personal between users, we would encourage you to discuss subjects further via the Personal Messaging System.

7.  As a Forum, we have Moderators in place and more who will join in the future who will monitor various discussions to ensure the well-being of our users. These Moderators will be trusted, Elder Christians who can edit posts, delete posts and close threads without quenching the Spirit, to ensure Forum discussions are appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of our faith.

8. If an individual feels intimidated or upset by another user, we ask that you refrain from discussing the issue on the Open Forum and report the offensive user immediately and directly to Pastor Steven. Those users displaying these types of behaviour will be immediately removed from the system and in serious cases, their IP Address will be logged and reported to their Internet Providers.

9. As the Administrators and Moderators of this Forum, we can terminate a user’s account at any time without warning or explanation.

10. We will periodically delete posts, personal messages and shoutbox text, to keep clear of older messages. This is to ensure that the platform remains current and up to date. So for users who may publish their own articles, please keep your text backed up on your Home PC/Laptop/Tablet so you can republish again in the future.

This Forum is subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the The Tribulation Soldier Website, which is governed by Scots Law. By using this Forum you agree to come under Scots Law, however if you do not agree with these terms, we would ask you not to use our Forum.

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