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Mulbuies Loch By Elgin

Mulbuies Loch By Elgin

Author and Pastor, Rev. Steven Birnie

Captain Sharpes Trial EBook

Captain Sharpes Trial EBook – Good evening. Well it’s the start of another week for us and we’ve just finished off a nine day holiday in which we went to Hopeman Caravan Site with our Caravan for a couple of days and then on the Wednesday, Sharon underwent a minor operation. She was a little sore for a wee while which left me as ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ but she’s doing fine now and looking forward to getting back to things tomorrow. So a big thanks to all who prayed, sent messages and kind gifts to the house, really appreciate it and it certainly made Sharon’s ordeal easier to go through.

Going through difficult times is something we all have to face in life whether they be minor or serious and it’s something we can’t avoid even as Christians however, one of the benefits of being with Jesus is that assurance that He has it all in hand and is working on our behalf. These situations and circumstances are unavoidable though and as it’s said in many Christian Circles, that the only way out of a difficult situation as a Christians is ‘through.’ I’m sure many experienced Christians will agree with me on this one especially those who have had tough situations to deal with as God uses those circumstances to mould our character and add within us boldness, confidence and joy.

Most who have read our Articles before will know that a few years ago now, I underwent four years of surgeries, pain and long periods of being off work which turned out in the end, to be a life-changing season for both myself and Sharon. It was difficult though as you may imagine and there were many times I questioned God and, even got angry at why He was allowing me to go through this kind of situation. I was pushing hard in my Christian life; I was studying, I was writing, I attended Church every Sunday, went to the prayer meetings and even laid hands on others and seen them healed. Believe it or not, my wife Sharon was physically healed twice during that time but for me, it simply wasn’t the path God was going to take me down.

In the end though, God brought me through, healed me from an underlying illness I’d always been suffering, set us forward to Oversee in our local assembly and, most important of all, brought us closer together as a couple and in our personal relationships with Him. I certainly couldn’t see it at the time but God was indeed moulding our character and installing within us a new boldness, confidence and joy to press further forward in our Ministry with Him. Would I go through it all again? Absolutely not but I wouldn’t trade what we went through seeing the results of God’s Work.

It’s these kinds of circumstances which are the focus of our Third EBook in The Tribulation Soldier Series called Captain Sharpe’s Trial which I’m currently in the process of editing to make available. In this EBook, we will follow the life of Captain Kerry Sharpe who’s an Elite Covert Intelligence Officer within the fictional Scottish Defence Force. Beginning with Kerry’s capture, interrogations and eventual rescue by the Armour Infantry Corps, we follow her as her life begins to take turns for the worst. It’s during those times where I try as the author to illustrate how God can work on a person’s life by breaking them down, bringing them through and eventually standing their feet upon The Rock. In Kerry’s case, her life goes from bad, to worse however things change as God begins to speak to her heart bringing her to Him in His merciful and compassionate way to give Kerry not her old life back, but a new and exciting life that she never thought possible outside the Special Forces.

As with all of the EBooks in this Series, this Fictional Story is fully based fully upon God’s Word and real life experiences fitting in nicely to the broad series of the Tribulation Soldier with our main character Major Matt Dixon making appearances as well as a few of the other well know characters including, Captain Lucy Davidson from The Tribulation Soldier Part One and Major Greg and Jessica Duncan from our second EBook in the series, Operation Overdue Justice. As an Author, I feel this book fits in so well to the overall message of the Tribulation Soldier Series and I’ve been amazed at how much of the influence of the Spirit I’ve felt over the course of writing this book.

At the moment, Captain Sharpe’s Trial is complete and all I need do now is edit the EBook, write some previews and of course make it available on our Shop Page and as always I’ll keep you up to date with my progress via our Social Sites. I hope that for those of you who have already read The Tribulation Soldier Part One and Operation Overdue Justice that you’ll find this EBook to be another interesting and entertaining read as I continue to try and give our readers a view of The End Times, Rapture and Tribulation Soldier through the eyes of the Scottish Special Forces.

God bless

Author and Pastor, Rev. Steven Birnie


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About Pastor Steven

Steven Birnie is a former local Church Minister and the author of Christian publications which include non-fiction, fictional and teaching eBooks with audio sermons. From the north-east coast of Scotland, Pastor Steven is married to Sharon and together, they have two young children called Emily and David. After seven years of training, three years of overseeing youth and young adults and, three years of being the Assistant Pastor in his local Church, Pastor Steven moved on to focus on writing Christian Publications. In the future, he hopes to open a Christian Children’s Home in his home town and write The Tribulation Soldier, his newest Series of Fictional, Military EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, as a 2.5 Million Word Series. But despite continuing pastoral work and writing, Steven remains devoted to his children, enjoying his family life with caravan holidays in the Highlands, fishing, canoeing and his favourite pastime, riding his motorbike through the Scottish countryside.