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Author and Pastor, Rev. Steven Birnie

Christian Action and Adventure Books – Hello and I hope this message find you well in the Lord. Its been a wee while since I’ve posted a message here on the Blog and as our regular friends and visitors will know, this has been due to our EBookshop having its major upgrade. It took a couple of weeks for our Website Designer to fully upload the new system and re-load all of the four hundred articles I’ve written over the years however, I’m glad to say, after many nights of tweaking and editing, we’re finally finished.

The new Website operates very much in the same way in that you can download EBook Packages 24/7 and they’re still emailed automatically and instantly to a visitors Home PC, Laptop or Mobile Device however for me, it has

Our Second EBook in the Tribulation Soldier Series. Operation Overdue Justice.

Our Second EBook in the Tribulation Soldier Series. Operation Overdue Justice.

many new operating systems which will take me a while to figure out. The new Platform though is fantastic and we’re so happy with the outcome so a big thanks to our Website Designer Joanne (at Poppy Design and Graphics Scotland) for all of her hard work and patience.

So, back to blogging, posting messages and spending time on our social networks for a while as we’ve got loads of news, teachings and information on upcoming publications and hopefully I’ll find some time to upload them all. In the meantime, back to the messages about our latest series of upcoming EBooks, two of which are now available, in our Twelve Part Tribulation Series of EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Seven Years Trials and Tribulations. I’ve written and made available two so far, three are written ready to be edited and I’m working on the following four as we speak.

It sounds a lot but every book is based in the same time, with the same group of military personnel and the main characters so each book needs to interlink which each other to build up the picture and explain fully the End Times of Mankind’s History through the eyes of a soldier. It has been a joy to work on these EBooks but a lot of work however its challenged me in many ways as a Christian and a Pastor giving me questions to ponder over. One such question was, why can’t we have a true, action and adventure story throughout the series?

Personally I enjoy watching action films and gritty documentaries and along with the solid biblical teachings and situations, I feel our books will deliver some action and adventure which Christians and unbelievers alike will enjoy. So the EBook I’m writing at the moment will be the Eighth in the series called ‘Knight of Nights,’ now, I don’t want to give away too much however this EBook interlinks with our main and other character, the story line and the timeline and events. Hopefully along with the other EBooks, this will continue to build up a picture of what those End Times will look like and what it will be like to live during the Seven Year Trial and Tribulation Period. 

Better get back to it then. A big thanks to our regular visitors and customers during this time and I hope you like the new website platform as much as me. Don’t forget that our New Online Christian Forum will be ready in the coming weeks and we hope you’ll join us there for evenings of fellowship and prayer. 

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God bless you…

Pastor Steven Birnie


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About Pastor Steven

Steven Birnie is a former local Church Minister and the author of Christian publications which include non-fiction, fictional and teaching eBooks with audio sermons. From the north-east coast of Scotland, Pastor Steven is married to Sharon and together, they have two young children called Emily and David. After seven years of training, three years of overseeing youth and young adults and, three years of being the Assistant Pastor in his local Church, Pastor Steven moved on to focus on writing Christian Publications. In the future, he hopes to open a Christian Children’s Home in his home town and write The Tribulation Soldier, his newest Series of Fictional, Military EBooks on the End Times, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, as a 2.5 Million Word Series. But despite continuing pastoral work and writing, Steven remains devoted to his children, enjoying his family life with caravan holidays in the Highlands, fishing, canoeing and his favourite pastime, riding his motorbike through the Scottish countryside.